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Tooth polishing is a dental procedure adopted by many individuals to prevent teeth problems. Dental polishing procedures make teeth appear whiter, stain-free, and glistening; improving dental health and aesthetics of the teeth. Dental polishing was performed as a part of routine dental prophylaxis in yesteryear; however, with newer technologies in place, dentists do not recommend tooth polishing as a routine dental procedure. Dental polishing is a procedure which not only polishes the teeth but also removes the dental stains, plaque, and microorganisms formed on the outer surface of the teeth making the teeth more vulnerable to stains and more plaque accumulation. Dental polishing is a painless procedure for instant clean and smooth teeth. Various types of dental polishing procedures are therapeutic polishing, coronal/cosmetic polishing, superficial polishing, and selective polishing. Dental polishing procedures are practiced in hospitals, clinics, and research institutes.

According to the study “Canada Dental Polishing Procedures Outlook to 2025”, the increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry will drive the growth prospects for the dental polishing market in Canada. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the dental appearance of the client, unlike traditional dentistry which focuses on oral hygiene. Canadian population demand for cosmetic dentistry due to increased customer dental awareness via social media platforms, marketing of dental practices, affordable smile makeover services and media coverage that accelerates the demand for cosmetic dentistry coupled with Canada’s dental polishing market. With the advent of new technological products within the dental market along with advanced research is driving awareness among end-users and dentists.

Although tooth polishing isn’t an essential dental treatment, it helps patients to feel confident about their teeth and encourages good oral care habits. It was observed that the leading players in Canada’s dental polishing market are competing against each other based on factors such as price, innovation, reputation, distribution, and promotion. Technological advancements and product upgrades are the key factors that strengthen the competitive environment in Canada’s dental polishing market. Increasing awareness about oral hygiene, government-aided medical benefits, and the introduction of new dental polishing procedures or techniques will drive the Canadian dental polishing market over the next few years.

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