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The report titled “China 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Industry Situation and Prospects Research report”, provides a comprehensive analysis of 3D VR virtual reality glasses industry in China, technological advancements, leading players, working of 3D VR virtual reality glasses, latest trends in manufacturing and future of 3D VR virtual reality glasses industry in China.

Industry Overview: Augmented reality (AR) gaming market has witnessed a drastic growth in the past few years. AR technology is integrated in the smart mobiles and wearable devices which are the major factors boosting the growth of 3D VR virtual reality glasses industry in China. Almost all the smartphones are equipped with powerful processors and 3D cameras that makes it an ideal platform for AR gaming. This trend has resulted in development of augmented reality games which gained huge admiration in the market. The increase in smartphone software applications, presence of multiple leading vendors, AR game developers and growing adoption of depth-sensing cameras is driving the growth of 3D VR virtual reality glasses industry in China. 3D VR virtual reality glasses are manufactured to obtain high-gloss transparent cover enhanced virtual reality effect, provided with removable foam pad for easy cleaning, adjustable headband for the needs of different groups of people, and is made in a comfortable way to wear while watching movies or playing games. 3D VR virtual reality glasses are used for watching movies, gaming, virtual tourism, crime scene reconstruction, virtual car showrooms, view personal content on social media, live streaming of events, advanced healthcare, adding dimensions to home shopping, military training and drone control.

Technological Advancement and Leading Players in 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses in China: It was observed that and army of VR devices are expanding due to the advanced technology and there is a need for 3D VR virtual reality glasses to project any image. Every device has a unique style of projecting an image in front of our eyes. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift provide PC-based operations, though the leading players such as Google and Samsung. These leading players offer more affordable smartphone-based headsets. Sony has also entered the virtual reality glasses industry with its Playstation VR. Standalone VR that is yet to be launched in the year 2018, Oculus will launch the Oculus Go and Lenovo’s standalone Daydream headset is also expected to be launched in the year 2018. The major leading players in China’s 3D VR virtual reality glasses industry are Samsung, Carl Zeiss, Baofeng, Sony, Razer, HTC, Epson, Daqri, AMD, Atheer, Meta, CastAR, Skully, HP, Antvr, Lumus, Fove, Sulon, Jinweidu,Virglass and Emaxv. China’s 3D VR virtual reality glasses are utilized in home use as well as in commercial use. The various types of 3D VR virtual reality glasses available in China are PC/Home Console, Headset AR and other types.

Working of 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses in China: Once the headset and power source are secured, an input is required to connect either through head tracking, controllers, hand tracking, voice, on-device buttons or trackpads. All the manufacturers are aiming in providing the consumer total immersion effect while making a VR headset, game or app. This helps in making the virtual reality experience real such that consumer forgets the computer, headgear, accessories and act as if in real world. Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR are VR headsets known as HMDs or head mounted displays. With no audio or hand tracking and just by holding up Google Cardboard to place the smartphone display in front of the eyes, it is enough to get the consumer half-immersed in a virtual world.

Future of 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses in China: Chinese manufacturers are applying their manufacturing magic to virtual reality (VR) headsets to decrease prices. This trend is to appeal to mass consumer audiences at an affordable VR headsets or 3D VR virtual reality glasses. Manufacturers are making better mobile headsets, which use a smartphone to power a rudimentary VR experience. Chinese 3D VR virtual reality glasses are made of solid plastic with simple optics at affordable cost and great quality. Chinese manufacturers work hard to create similar headsets at cheaper prices. They are already creating VR headsets that look more like traditional glasses. This could be a technological breakthrough that is needed to create VR headsets that are more like glasses and are relatively inexpensive. With the advancements in technology, the 3D VR virtual reality glasses industry in China will witness a tremendous growth in the next few years.

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