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A trauma is an extremely unpleasant experience which can occur as part of physical injury or mental shocks. Such events deeply affect the person and require immediate medical attention. Fixation in medical terms refers to the act or operation of suturing, holding or fastening in a fixed position. Internal fixation is a surgical procedure that stabilizes and joins the ends of fractured bones by mechanical devices such as metal plates, pins, rods or wires among other options. In contrast, external fixation is a procedure that stabilizes and joins the ends of fractured bones by a splint or cast.

According to the study, ‘India Trauma Fixation Market Outlook To 2025’, there are several types of trauma. Orthopedic trauma is among the common ones. It is a severe injury to a part of the musculoskeletal system and in India, is often the result of a sudden accident. Though not all orthopedic traumas are life threatening, they certainly are life altering. The injuries caused are treated using different procedures some of which also involve the implantation of various aiding mechanisms.

There are a number of such tools that are developed by companies across the country. Since orthopedic trauma has deep rooted effects it is absolutely necessary to pick reliable manufacturers in order to provide the best possible treatment. Narang Medical Ltd. is among India’s most reputed orthopedic implant manufacturers. The company also has overseas operations to a significant number of countries and has been certified by multiple international and national agencies. ATLAS SURGICAL are serving the profession for decades and are pioneers in the field of orthopedic implant manufacturing.  The company is also a member of The Engineering Export Promotion Council under the Government of India, Indian Trade Promotion Organisation and Delhi Chamber of Commerce. Auxein Medical has international operations apart from a dedicated team of experts that ensure all products developed are in line with the highest quality standards. All these companies are highly reputed for orthopedic implants and have CE and ISO certification. In addition to these, Auxein Medical also has certification from the US FDA.

A number of factors are fuelling the orthopedic implant market in the country. Increasingly sedentary lifestyle is considered as the main growth driver for the market. As national and international companies are forging business ideas, we can expect an explosion of the orthopedic device market.  This market is expected to rapidly grow and continue to accelerate till 2030. India is already a hub for medical tourism and with proper certifications; domestic companies are now able to expand their operations to international grounds.

Considering the intricacies of the Indian orthopedic devices market, it is primarily dominated by multinational companies that lap up three-fourth of the lion’s share like all other medical device sectors in the country. Even as the sector is evenly divided between trauma and spine segments on one hand and knee and hip implants on the other, Indian companies are mainly involved in manufacturing relatively low cost devices for trauma care which account for nearly the entire market share. Medical manufacturers that are members of Indian trade organizations are expected to increase the medical tourism of the country which will benefit the entire nation and trade in general.

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