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According to the report analysis, ‘Macedonia-Telecoms, Mobile And Broadband-Statistics And Analyses states that the Macedonia’s telecom regulator fuel the mobile industry competition with MVNOs. Moreover, the Macedonia’s mobile market is facilitated by only two mobile network drivers which include MakTel and One.Vip, the latter being former by the combinations of the local business units of Telekom Austria and Telekom Slovenije. With the mergers some major traction had gained in the recent years and the operators will become more active in the coming years. The telecommunication market is the fastest growing market with the significant development in the telecommunication services. Moreover, with the growing usage of mobile phones and extensive consumption of internet will lead the market growth more significantly. The telecom companies are investing more significantly for providing more opportunities and enlarging the business. Whereas, in the developed countries the companies have effective market share and also doing more developments in their potential for acquiring significant market share in the developed countries which is featured by increase in the disposable income and realization.

Since 2005, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has been a European Union candidate country and as a segment of European Union pre-accession procedure, the economy has built adjacent economic ties with the Union which recital for 60.0% of Macedonia transport in other regions and almost half of its imports. Moreover, in May 2016 the mobile operator, One.VIP was also merged with its sister company Blozoo, and so has been allow to serve a full suite of converged facilities. The mobile data services are becoming significantly vital following investments in LTE networks rollouts and in development to LTE-A technology. Furthermore, broadband facilities are broadly facilitate, with effective competition between DSL and cable stages complemented by wireless broadband and a underdeveloped fiber areas whereas, the portion of DSL subscriber has pursued to tumble in the present years as customers are voyaged to fiber systems.

As a segment of EU combination legislation has executed the principles of the EU’s restrict infrastructure for communications, introduced a self-supporting regulator and set out various provisions to serve for an aggressive telecom industry, involving wholesale access to the incumbent’s fixed-line systems. Meanwhile, the fixed telephony industry has been developed; the incumbent MakTel pursues to control the segment.

Makedonski Telekom, ONE, VIP Operator, One.VIP, Blizoo (formerly CableTel), Telekom Slovenije are major companies which are mentioned in the report with their recent updates. Moreover, all the key player are working effectively for dominating major share and making the market more competitive and effective. With the effective competition other players started to become an active player by which this market attracts new investor which will support this market financially.  Therefore, in the coming years it is expected that with the more development in telecom services the market of telecommunication in Macedonia will grow more significantly over the decades.

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