For Any Business, One of the Most Challenging Aspect is When Its Valuable Employees Quit


And why do employees do that?

What is it that drives this behavior?

To understand this, look at this scenario, a large business enterprise recruited few employees who came out to be bright and talented in the interview conducted. The first few months they performed exceptionally well, but things took a turn when the interest and initiative of most of them at work started going downhill. They started limiting themselves to only to what they are expected to do; a big potential quitting warning sign.

To address this an ‘Employee Engagement Survey’ was undertaken by the HR department to understand the satisfaction level and pain areas of their employees. And, to their surprise they found out a common answer that came from most of their newly recruited employees was that though they liked the job but didn’t enjoy working in the current company atmosphere anymore.

So, why are the employees not liking coming to work anymore?

And, in such cases what should the enterprises do to keep them satisfied and engaged?

Well, to begin with, as also cited in this case, enterprises need to select an appropriate matric – which could be the traditional Employee Satisfaction Surveys or the tried-and-tested Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS) – to get insights on the satisfaction level of their employees and what are pain areas that require attention.

Once this is done, they can devise an action plan to overcome those areas. Here are the five simple but actionable tactics that can be adopted to increase employee satisfaction in your organization.-

Regularly recognizing and rewarding employees’ achievements and success.

Provide them the role clarity of their objective in the department, desired deliverable.

Building a strong company culture making employees feeling a part of the organization.

Providing employees with opportunities for professional development and growth.

Positive and flexible work environment.

These are just a few but key ones that we have mentioned above, but yes there are indeed plenty of strategies that you as an entrepreneur can employ depending upon the pain areas that your employees are or could be facing.

Nonetheless, the underlying premise is that when employees are happy and satisfied, it not only helps in retaining staff but also they put their best effort to make the company successful.

What other tactics do you think can increase employee retention? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.