Rapid Growth of Commercial Organizations Expected to Drive Global Glass Fiber Filtration Paper Market


Glass fiber filtration paper acts as a semi-permeable paper barrier when it is positioned vertical to the flow of the liquid. It is usually used for the separation of liquids & solids in the bulk. It helps to create solutions with best clarity, flow rate and superior overall performance. Glass fiber filters have very low pressure drop, which makes them an excellent choice as a pre-filter for liquids with high viscosity and / or high particulate content. The high level of pollution extends the service life of the downstream final filter and thus improves your total operating costs. Some of the main uses of fiberglass filter paper are tissue lysates, salt, sugar, protein solutions, serums, and environmental samples such as soil and groundwater where there is a high level of suspended or un-dissolved particles.

Glass fiber filters are mainly used to filter the dust particles around the air-control system to protect the components present inside it. The surface of glass fiber filters is small and can therefore only filter larger particles. The end-user segment of glass fiber filters include residential, non-residential, industrial and transportation. Non-residential segment further sub-segmented as institutions, offices, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities and others.

Referring to the study, Global Glass FIber Filtration Paper Industry Research Report 2021 Segmented by Major Market Players, Types, Applications and Countries Forecast to 2027. Some of the key companies operating in the global glass fiber filtration paper market include Zhaohui Filter Technologies, Hollingsworth & Vose, Baoji JiaXin Filter Materials, Lydall, Chongqing Zaisheng Technology, Hokuetsu Corporation, Ahlstrom-Munksjo and among others. In order to expand its market position in the global glass fiber filter paper market, well-organized players are now focusing on several strategies such as mergers & acquisitions, recent developments, product innovations, joint-ventures, collaborations and partnerships.

Based on types, glass fiber filtration paper market can be segregated as 25 g/m2, 40 g/m2, 90 g/m2 and others. In addition, based on application, market can be segregated as High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), ASHRAE, Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter (ULPA) and others. HEPA filters are typically used in special type of applications that require contamination control for instance manufacturing of semiconductors, nuclear, medical devices, hard-disk drives, food & pharmaceutical products, as well as in homes, hospitals, and vehicles. Additionally, ULPA filter can remove a huge variety of particles from the air. ULPA filter can also remove oil smoke, rosin smoke, smog, tobacco smoke and insecticide dust. It can also eradicate the carbon black to some extent.

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Increase in application of filtration techniques in pharmaceuticals & healthcare industries, followed by rise in extended product lifecycle and increase in demand for high accuracy & quality of products are some key factors, which are accountable for growth of the glass fiber filtration paper market. Apart from this, rise in emergence of more advanced filtration technologies may impact the market.

Based on regional analysis, the Asia-Pacific is a leading region in global glass fiber filtration paper market owing to rapid growth of commercial organizations and increase in industrializations across the region. The Europe and North-America regions are anticipated to witness higher growth rate due to increase in research & development (R&D) base of key vendors over the forecast period.

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Global Glass Fiber Filtration Paper Market Research Report

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