Global 4,4-Dihydroxydiphenyl Sulfone Market- Industry Analysis, Size, Demand Forecast 2027


4,4-Dihydroxydiphenyl sulfone (DHDPS) is a definite type of organic compound. Its formula is (HOC6H4)2SO2. It comprises of two phenolic functional groups on every side of a sulfonyl group. It is a bisphenol and sulfone compound, and derives from a diphenyl sulfone. This compound is basically very close additive of the compound bisphenol A (BPA) in which the dimethylmethylene group has been replaced by the sulfone group (SO2). DHDPS is generally used to cure quick drying epoxy adhesives and as a corrosion inhibitor. It is also widely used as a reagent in polymer reactions. It is also increasingly used as a building block in polycarbonates and some epoxies because of the prevalence of BPA, that BPA has estrogen-mimicking properties, and that enough remains in products to be dangerous. Nowadays, 4,4′-Dihydroxydiphenyl sulfone is used for a large number of common consumer goods. The key advantage of DHDPS is that it is more stable to heat & light than BPA. It is also used as an anti-corrosion agent in epoxy glues. In addition, DHDPS is used as a developer in thermal paper.

As per analysis, “Global 4,4-Dihydroxydiphenyl Sulfone (DHDPS) Market, 2021-2027” the key companies operating in the global 4,4-Dihydroxydiphenyl Sulfone (DHDPS) Market include Zhangjiagang Gangda New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Nantong Baisheng Chemical Co., Ltd., BASF SE, Volant-Chem Corp., Jiangyin Changsheng Chemical Industry Ltd. Company, Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works, Ltd. (CHCIW), Chongqing Qiutian Chemical Co., Ltd., Konishi Chemical Ind., Co., Ltd., Haining Huangshan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Nantong Botao Chemical Co., Ltd., Chongqing Qiutian Chemical Co., Ltd., Nantong Botao Chemical Co., Ltd., Nisso Metallochemical Co., Ltd., Volant-Chem Corp., Jiangsu Aolunda High Tech. Industry Co., Ltd. and among others. To improve the market position in the global 4,4-Dihydroxydiphenyl Sulfone (DHDPS) market, companies are now focusing on adopting the numerous strategies including recent developments, product innovation, mergers & acquisitions, joint venture, collaborations, and partnership.

Increase in use of epoxy resins to give specific aesthetic to a place is a major driven factor for global 4,4-Dihydroxydiphenyl Sulfone (DHDPS) market. In addition, the growing demand for online shopping, coupled with the growing importance of labeling in the food and beverage industry, is promoting the use of thermal papers, which in turn is driving the consumption of BPS.

It is estimated that “Global 4,4-Dihydroxydiphenyl Sulfone (DHDPS) Market” will be reached at rapid pace owing to rise in demand of thermal paper throughout the forecast period. The demand for thermal paper is increasing due to the increasing use of online invoices at POS devices and increasing labeling in the food & beverage market. The growing construction sector is likely to augment the demand of DHDPS due to growth in consumption of epoxy resin. Gradual replacement of BPA by DHDPS in North America, Europe region is going to increase the demand for DHDPS in the region as the foremost part of regional demand in fulfilled by imports from the North America. It is also expected that future of the global 4,4-Dihydroxydiphenyl Sulfone (DHDPS) market will be bright on account of increase in government initiatives coupled with growth in construction sectors during the forecast period.

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