Rise in Environmental Concerns is set to Drive Amitraz Market Globally


Amitraz is an anti-parasitic drug, which is an alpha-adrenergic agonist. It is sputum that can be used as an insecticide and acaricide for controlling the two-spotted spider mite, scale insect, leaf miner and aphid. Its insecticide effect is owing to its agonistic activities in the alpha-adrenergic system, its interaction with octopamine receptors in the central-nervous-system and its determined inhibition of the amalgamation of monoamine oxidases & prostaglandins. All these effects are translated into the paralysis, over excitation, and death in insects. Amitraz drug presents lower-effect in mammals and therefore, it is extensively used in the treatment of mite- or tick-infestation of dogs.

The adverse effects in mammals are attributable to Amitraz’ alpha-adrenergic agonist activity. Symptoms can include hypothermia, lethargy, low blood pressure and pulse, absence of appetite, increased blood sugar, vomiting, and digestive problems. Besides, skin- or mucosa-irritations might happen in dogs as a response to an Amitraz containing collar. This can lead to eczema, itching, alopecia or conjunctivitis.

The global demand for Amitraz is anticipated to rise significantly in the upcoming years, thus offering high growth opportunities for the market. Rise in demand for Amitraz has compelled producers to undertake the expansion & acquisition of projects in order to meet the comprehensive demand. Huge numbers of producers are shifting their plants to some countries such as India and China owing to factors such as low raw material & labor costs and high demand.

As per analysis, “Global Amitraz (CAS 33089-61-1) Market, 2021-2027” the key companies operating in the global Amitraz market include Jiangsu Henglong Crop Protection Co., Ltd., Hebei Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd., Changzhou Huaxia Pesticide Co., Ltd., Bailing Agrochemical Co., Ltd. and among others. The global Amitraz market is reasonably fragmented with the presence of various small & large-scale firms. This market is generally characterized by intense competition between participants within the regional & international industry fronts. Key industry players are focusing mainly on efficiently designed flanges for numerous industries.

Based on type, Amitraz market is segmented as powder and solution. In addition, based on application, market is segmented as orchard, agriculture, human and animal.

Increase in area under organic farming, followed by growth in environmental concerns, rise in global demand for livestock, increase in usage of Amitraz in home applications and rise in demand for natural crop protection products are some major factors which are responsible for growth of the Amitraz market. However, increase in regulatory restrictions and high cost of Amitraz may impact the market. Moreover, rapid growth in the bioactive insecticides market is a leading opportunity for market.

Based on regional analysis, the Asia-Pacific is a leading region in Global Amitraz Market owing to development in crop protection industry and increase in productivity across the region. The North-America and Europe regions are estimated to exhibit considerable growth rate due to rise in demand for meat, dairy products, and crops over the forecast period. It is projected that future of the global Amitraz market will be bright as a result of growth in food demand with expanding population and development in sectors for instance fertilizers and medicines during the forecast period.

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Global Amitraz (CAS 33089-61-1) Market Analysis, 2021-2027

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