Global Baby Food Market is predicted to Augment Owing to Increasing Number of Working Women and Hectic Lifestyle: Ken Research


Baby food is the food precisely made for the infants and children up to age 6. The baby food is soft and conveniently consumable and embraces the nutritious elements for babies’ healthy diet for essential and appropriate growth. The baby food industry comprises of entities that producer packaged foods for the babies, it is ready to eat and readymade. The baby food is classified into 3 major forms such as thicker liquid, thick liquid and solid foods for their accurate age. It can be squashed or pureed and fed to the baby. The baby food has been obtaining a lot of momentum. The baby food industry market in underdeveloped regions likewise Brazil, India and China suggest great prospective for growth.

The effective growth in requirement for organic food accompanied with growing infant populace around the world will commonly propel baby food market requirement over the review timeframe. Growing awareness of the organic products amongst the customers and agriculture entities & farmers coupled with enlarging prevalence of the organic products are two foremost aspects accountable for growth of the market. Also, there is proficient augment in organic ingredients utilized in the baby food production will actively affect the product requirement growth during near years.

Whereas, at Ken Research, the research report baby food market delivers comprehensive information on the market introduction and genesis, market subdivision by food category (milk formula, dried baby food, prepared baby food and several other baby food) and its sub types; by nature (inorganic and organic foods), by age group (0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12+ months) and by channel of distribution. The research report also covers market ecosystem, value chain analysis, comparative landscape, trends and improvements, issues and challenges, decision making criteria for consumers while buying a baby food product, regulatory framework as well as SWOT analysis. The report settles with future outlook of baby food industry in the respective region and certain recommendations highlighting the success aspects for entering and enlarging the market.

Whereas, during the last decade, the Saudi Arabia baby food market witnessed the least growth in terms of revenue majorly owing to poor economic condition such as unstable oil prices in the international markets and policies admitted by the government to encourage the breastfeeding, during last decade which generated a negative impression on the market. Despite the deduction, the baby food market recovered during the recent past years. Major growth driver comprises growing food/household expenditure, growing awareness amongst the parents to deliver their babies with the healthier food choices, augment in the internet retailing and several other aspects. Combining all the above-mentioned aspects, the KSA baby food market grew at a positive CAGR.

Moreover, one of the proficient aspects towards the growth of ready to eat baby food is the hectic lifestyle, increasing number of working women and growing disposable income amongst the individuals. With the customers’ hectic, work-oriented and hectic lifestyle, they have very less duration to cook food. Hence, they denote ready to eat baby food products which propel the growth of the market.

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