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Major players in the broadband internet services market are SES Astra, Inmarsat, Iridium Communications, ViaSat, EchoStar, EarthLink Holding Corp., Intelsat General, Eutelsat, IDirect, and Singtel.

The global broadband internet services market is expected to grow from USD 263.4 billion in 2019 to about USD 355.6 billion in 2020. There has been a significant growth in the demand for high-speed wire line broadband plans as employees started to work from home to contain the spread of Covid-19. Apart from work, the high speed internet is also in demand for playing games and availing several streaming services while spending leisure time at home. The market is expected to stabilize and reach USD 372.9 billion at a CAGR of 9.1% through 2023.

The Global Broadband Internet Services Market consists sales of broadband internet services and the products related to it. The broad band internet services are used for Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP), Internet TV, Smart home applications, Remote online education, Virtual private LAN service, Interactive gaming, etc. Broadband internet services can be accessed through wireless, fiber cable, satellite etc.

The global broadband internet services market has been geographically segmented into North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, South America and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest region in the broadband internet services market during 2019-2023.

In March 2019, consortium of Apax Partners, Warburg Pincus and two private equity Canadian pension funds firms acquired UK-based satellite communications company Inmarsat for USD 3.4 billion. The acquisition main priority is to remain Inmarsat’s Headquarters in the UK and operates it in research and development. Inmarsat has 13 satellites that operate for providing internet services, email and video conferencing. Inmarsat still provides communication services for ships and the consortium ensured that the company Inmarsat would fulfill its all previous obligations under the global maritime distress and safety system.

The Broadband internet services market covered in this report is segmented by type into C band; Ku band; Ka band. It is also segmented by application into VoIP(voice over internet protocol); internet TV; smart home application; remote education; virtual private LAN service; interactive gaming; VPN on broadband.

The high costs of fiber optic cable restrain the broadband internet services market. The fiber optic is the latest technology that gives reliability and symmetrical speed options, unlike other internet services for the consumers. The cable or copper installation contributes to the high cost of fiber optic broadband services compared with other internet services. The fiber optic line installation is more complicated and the cost estimation is difficult for every building. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the minimum fiber optic deployment costs should be USD 5000 per user. The pricing is also mainly varying on the services providing by broadband entities. The fiber optic connection provides fast and symmetrical speeds, the cost of installation and its maintenance has become a major challenge for broadband internet service providers.

Players in the broadband internet service industry are focusing on advancing digital infrastructure and services to serve its customers. Digital infrastructure is more focused on digital economic activities and technological applications. The digital infrastructure helps for the digital development of a country. According to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) report, the digital infrastructure helps to expand the internet connectivity and supports to establish the datacenters to provide digital services. The emerging markets like India, Pakistan, etc. are more focused on mobile broadband infrastructure than fixed broadband internet services infrastructure whereas the developing and developed countries are concentrating on coverage of universal mobile broadband and superfast fixed broadband infrastructure. Demand in broadband internet services is driving the market to double the broadband speed and expand the internet connectivity where the companies and government are trying to increase the advancements in digital infrastructure and services.

Increasing demand for consumer broadband is driving the broadband internet services market. The rising application of internet in communication, sharing information, education and entertainment sector is supporting the growth of consumer broadband. Also, government is playing a major role in stimulating demand for broadband internet services by providing better public online services in every sector, encouraging rural and remote areas to use the broadband internet services, establishing privacy and quality standards, etc. According to the data reportable newsletter, the total active internet users at the end of January 2019 was 4.388 billion whereas in January 2020 the total number of active internet users upsurge to 4.54 billion. The usage of voice search, voice commands, smart home devices, gaming-related activities, online content activities, streaming TV, etc. are more responsible for an increase in the demand for consumer broadband services.

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