Global Catering Services Market is predicted to Augment Owing to Growth in Construction Activities and Advancement in Tourism Segment: Ken Research


Catering is the business of delivering the food services at a remote site or a site likewise hotel, pub, hospital, cruise ship, aircraft, studio, filming site, entertainment site or event venue. In addition, catering services market has been effectively functioned by the infrastructure which has led to augment in construction activities which in turn require catering services for the labor camps. Although, the industrial caterers predominantly amenities catering demands of several remotely positioned industries comprising manufacturing plants, mining sites and factory and oil and gas station.

The catering services market around the Saudi Arabia has augmented during the recent past years. This growth was propelled by the increment in construction activities as the government contributed in underdeveloped infrastructure of the region to decrease the dependence of Saudi Arabia on the oil segments. The Industrial catering around the Saudi Arabia has registered for the greatest revenue share during the recent past years. This was followed by the hospitality segment which comprises hajj catering, hotels and corporates event catering. In addition, the catering industry also saw growing utilization of technology and modern approached of production which comprise the online ordering apps, inventory management platforms and vehicle tracking systems. This supported in growing the proficiency of several procedures comprised in the catering business.

At Ken Research, the research report on catering services undertakes an analysis of the domestic catering players, hotel-based catering firms and international firms functioning globally or region wise around several functional and financial parameters, prevailing clientele and their readiness to service massive demands.

Although, the UAE construction segment has seen an increasing number of projects during the last decade. The growth in construction activities generated a requirement for catering services for labor camps. The number of schools and hospitals also augmented which further increased the growth of contract catering services. Schools and hospitals together underwritten handsome percentage of revenue during 2016. The market is further propelled by digital technology, innovation, and real-time supply chain management which has advanced the quality of service and augmented the customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the research report on catering services covers factors such as the market size of the Qatar Catering Services, market segmentation on the basis of type of contract, length of contract and foremost end users of Qatar Catering Services Market. The research report also covers the competitive landscape, government guidelines, customer preferences, and value chain analysis. In addition to this, the research report also covers company profiles and product portfolio of foremost players. This report will support the industry consultants, catering service providers, retail chains, prospective entrants and other stakeholders to bring into line their market centric strategies according to the ongoing and projected trends during the future.

The catering services market has seen a growth in competition which is being propelled by growing requirement and growing usage of technology and revolution. Since the foremost clients hire on contractual basis, such players compete to obtain contracts for the lengthier duration to confirm regular orders and augment profits. Moreover, around the underdeveloped region, the growth is driven by the growth in construction activities as foremost infrastructure projected. Therefore, in the near years, it is predicted that the market of catering services will increase around the globe more actively over the near future.

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