Global Cyclopentane Market – Application, Industry Analysis, Size, Demand Forecast 2027


Cyclopentane is an acyclic hydrocarbon molecule with five carbon atoms and a ring structure. Synthetic rubber & rubber adhesive and resins are all made with the cyclopentane. It is used as a blowing agent in the manufacturing of polyurethane insulating foam. It is also used as a solvent and in the production of the fuels. It is highly flammable alicyclic hydrocarbon used in the manufacture of synthetic resins & rubber adhesives, as well as in the transformation of cellular structure of polyurethane insulation foam used in commercial freezers. It has a colorless appearance and an odor similar to gasoline.

Cyclopentane is also used as a refrigerant in a variety of household appliances including refrigerators and freezers, replacing CFC-11 & HCFC-141b. Lubricants comprises of multiple alkylated cyclopentane (MAC) have low volatility and are used in a wide variety of applications. It appears in the whitish liquid form with a petrol-like odor. It belongs to the cycloalkanes group, which are alkanes with one or more carbon-atom rings. It is generally made by cracking cyclohexane at the high temperatures & pressures in the presence of alumina.

Referring to the study, “Global Cyclopentane (CAS 287-92-3) Market, 2021-2027” the key companies operating in the global Cyclopentane market include Jilin Beihua Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, Liaoning Yufeng Chemical Co., Ltd., INEOS Group, Ltd., Haldia Petrochemicals Limited, Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd., Meilong Cyclopentane Co., Ltd and among others. These key players are assessed in their entirety along with their finances, technological innovations, key developments and future strategies. In addition to this, the report also includes mergers & acquisitions, SWOT analysis, and the market presence of the major players in the market.

Increase in concerns regarding the environment, followed by growth in plans of phasing out the usage of hydro chlorofluorocarbon, increase in performance standards, growth in technological advancements, rise in demand for commercial & residential refrigerators, wide application over a majority of industries and analytical & scientific applications and increase in financial improvement are some major factors, which are responsible for growth of the Cyclopentane market. Apart from this, increase in side effects related to the health associated with increased amount of the consumption of cyclopentane and growth in requirements of high cost of start-up & installation costs may impact the market. Moreover, growth in research & development activities and rise in use of blowing agents in the automotive, construction, and appliance industries are leading opportunities for market.

Based on regional analysis, the Asia-Pacific is a leading region in “Global Cyclopentane Market” owing to rise in demand in refrigeration application across the region. The Europe and North-America regions are anticipated to witness higher growth rate due to growth in demand in blowing agent application to manufacture polyurethane and stringent regulations imposed on HCFCs by various government bodies over the forecast period. It is estimated that future of the global Cyclopentane market will be bright on account of increase in use in personal & commercial refrigerators during the forecast period.

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