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Introduction: The global educational applications market is one of the fastest growing markets in the sector of technology as well as that of education. The technology improvements over recent years leading to increased computational power and higher graphics capability have led to interactive and game changing solutions for learning and education which were not viable before. The integration of technology into everyday lives is increasing rapidly with more devices offering increased application . The massive growth of the market is being driven primarily through the major adoption of mobile devices and the widespread connectivity of the internet. The increasing internet accessibility provided by growing internet connectivity in rural and developing regions has grown the level of access that consumers have towards educational material. The growing adoption of using smart devices has led to a rapid growth in the demand for applications in all categories, the level of uneducated population being higher in rural areas, there is major demand for educational platforms which provide content ranging from school based material to that of higher education and even professional technical courses. This has caused the primary boost for the educational applications market

Market Scenario: The global market for educational applications is expected to have a major growth in the upcoming years with the market forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 27% for the period between 2017-2022 with the American market forecasted to grow at a slightly higher rate of 28.5% for the same period. The increasing  interest in game based learning has led to the edu-gaming category being the biggest contributor by category in the educational application market with educational applications being worth approximately USD 3.2 Billion in 2017 and forecasted to more than double to USD 8.1 Billion by the year 2022. This is expected to boost the market for educational applications significantly forecasting a total market size of over USD 20 Billion based on Education Industry Analysis  . The key emerging market is expected to be the Asia Pacific region with highest demand forecasted from China and India with the Indian e Learning market alone forecasted to be worth USD 2 Billion. The market growth by content is primarily expected to be driven by the demand for higher educational courses ranging from high school to college based courses which would involve a major amount of thinking, preoperational work and problem solving but would provide students with technical expertise which is expected to increase the probability of employment prospects for developing regions as well. This has led to a larger market value for higher learning courses even though primary learning is expected to have the largest user base for educational apps

Opportunity:  The major opportunity in the educational application sector is the chance for increased technological advancement leading to more sophisticated educational platforms which can replace conventional schooling. Current emphasis has been made on customized learning which is expected to generate personalized curriculum and topics for students based on their level of interest for topics and the extent of their learning. Implementation of artificial intelligence combined with machine learning is expected to bring about a revolutionary change in education allowing students real time evaluation of their learning experience and their capabilities, Secondarily the implementation of Augmented and Virtual reality is expected to redefine the experience of learning for students and to improve the experience even for professional training allowing individuals to experience components of their job first hand in a simulated environment. These factors for technological integration present a major opportunity for technology that can be integrated into education and for companies looking to education based analytics which would be able to generate custom solutions for learning. Currently the market is filled with a variety of applications providing content for learning subjects in primary education upto highly technical subjects with apps like Edmodo, Khan academy, Udemy and more offering learning and some offering a certification of the students ability post completion of the online course,there is still opportunity for companies that can either customize the learning methodology, improve the experience or offer specialized education leading to the global educational apps market being a high potential technology market

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