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Electronic fan speed controllers are specific devices equipped with external rotor motors. They are basically designed for reducing the conventional motors speed by adjusting the voltage levels. Moreover, electronic fan speed controllers are used for managing the rotational speed of electric fans such as axial fans, centrifugal fans and propeller fans. The speed controllers are designed for a definite number of speed settings. Further, speed controllers help in reducing the noise, saving energy and prolonged life of electrical & electronic equipment. The typical controllers are used for controlling speed of AC fans or pumps in Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. In HVAC applications, such controllers provide speed control and adjustment of extractor fans. Additionally, in applications such as computers, there are different types of computer fans used for providing adequate cooling and different fan control mechanisms balancing their cooling capacities & noise levels they generate. In addition, thermal sensing based fans controlling speed based on temperature of computing devices. The fan speed increases or decreases as per the speed control requirement for regulating the temperature inside the computer keeping the devices below the over-heating point. Moreover, time switch controllers are also used for controlling the speed of the fan via settings that control the fan speed & duration of the running time. The pulse-width modulation is also method of controlling computer fans that gives the fan controller ability to adjust rotation speed without changing any input voltage to the cooling fan.

As per analysis, Global Electronic Fan Speed Controllers Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use the key companies operating in the global electronic fan speed controllers market include DANFOSS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Sentera Thracia, NOVOVENT, Cognito Quam Electro technologies, AIRTECNICS, Aspirnova2000, Fumex, ROSENBERG, Seitron, Vostermans Ventilation, ZIEHL-ABEGG, Oesse, Leviton, Strobic Air and among others. The renowned market players are engaged in developing innovative products variants to amplify their market share & gain traction in global marketplace. They are also likely to remain active in the electronic fan speed controllers market over the forecasting period. The players are engaging in various strategic acquisitions like product launches, Research & Development, application dominance, agreements, product width & breadth, and collaborations to expand market share.

Based on type, electronic fan speed controllers market is segregated as single function electronic fan speed controllers and multi function electronic fan speed controllers. In addition, based on application, market is segmented as commercial and household. Based on geography, the North-America is a leading region in global electronic fan speed controllers market owing to increase in requirement of adjustable speed in various applications and presence of major players across the region. The Asia-Pacific and Europe regions are estimated to witness higher growth rate due to growth in advancements in technologies and rise in revenue over the forecast period. Rise in revenue, pattern setting advancement & contraption, extended compensation, close by the tasks to spread the thoughtfulness regarding the requirement will presumably make the electronic fan speed controllers market grow fundamentally.

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