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High voltage (HV) instrument transformers are generally designed to measure & convert the high current & high voltage to low current & low voltage according to the transformer ratio. They consist of high dielectric strength and are usually used for isolation, monitoring and controlling the operations in power grids. They are used in AC systems for measurement of electrical quantities including current, voltage, energy, power, power factor and frequency. They are essential constituents for safe & efficient operation of the transmission network. Service station voltage transformers, current transformers, inductive voltage transformers and combined current or voltage transformers are designed to form high voltage instrument transformers. HV instrument transformers provide reliable and accurate voltage & current measurement for connected equipment for instance protections relays, meters and other devices. They are used for specific applications like in maintaining the reasonable accuracy reading up to extreme fault level condition or to operate perfectly at steady state conditions.

As per analysis, Global High Voltage Instrument Transformers Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use the key companies operating in the global high voltage instrument transformers market include Pfiffner, ABB, Trench Group, Indian Transformers, Dalian Beifang, Koncar, Arteche, Emek, TBEA, Sieyuan, Siemens, GE, XD Group, Shenyang Instrument Transformer, DYH, Hengyang Nanfang, Shandong Taikai and among others. Renowned players are mainly focusing on technological advancements in order to improve the efficiency. The long-term development patterns for this high voltage instrument transformer can be captured by continuing the ongoing process improvements & financial stability to invest in the best strategies.

Based on type, high voltage instrument transformers market is segmented as voltage transformers, current transformers and others. Voltage transformers are generally used to step down the voltage of a power system to lower level in order that it can be measured by a voltmeter.  Additionally, current transformers are basically used to step down the current of power system to lower level, which is measured by small rating ammeter. In addition, based on application, market is segmented as metallurgy & petrochemical, electrical power & distribution and construction.

The high voltage instrument transformers market is driven by growth in focus on power generation & distribution, followed by rise in demand for electricity from emerging economies. Apart from this, these transformers also pose certain limitations including their limited core volume for current measuring & their compatibility with AC current. These limitations can act as hindering factors to the market.

Based on geography, the Asia-Pacific is a leading region in global high voltage instrument transformers market owing to growth in electricity consuming sectors and rapid urbanization & industrialization across the region. The European and North-America regions are estimated t exhibit higher growth rate due to expansion in the transmission & distribution network coupled with growth in renewable power generation facilities over the forecast period. It is projected that future of the global high voltage instrument transformers market will be bright on account of rapid expansion in the power grid network during the forecast period.

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