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The investment activities are considered to be an asset or item primarily acquired as the goal of generating income. The investment can also be said as the activities associated to purchase of goods which are not consumed today but are also used in future for creating wealth. The investment can also be define as a purchasing of monetary with the idea that the asset will provide suitable income in near future or can be used to selling at a higher price for a profit. The investment market consists of fees & commissions associated by the investment management activities charged by entities which manage investment related businesses such as securities underwriting, stock brokerage and the wealth management services. The investment industry is further categorized based on firm’s business model or as per the present industry standards that investment firms offer with their financial services.

Investments are frequently made indirectly by an intermediary financial institutions. These institutions may include pension funds, banks, and insurance companies. They institutions may pool money when received from a different investors which funds into investment trusts, unit trusts, SICAVs, etc. for making a large-scale investments. In the global investment each individual investor holds an indirect or direct claim based on assets purchased, including the charges levied by intermediary organizations generally levied by large and varied organizations. Approach to such investment activities can also be sometimes referred as marketing of the collective investments that includes cost averaging and market timing.

According to study, “Investments Global Market Report 2019” the key companies operating in the global investments market are Agricultural Bank of China, Barclays, JP Morgan, Northwestern Mutual, Bank of America.

Based on type of investment, investments market is segmented into defensive investments, growth investments, fixed interest investments and cash investments. The growth investments are more suitable for the long term investors who are willing and able to withstand ups and downs in the market. The growth investment include purchase and sale of shares and property. The shares play a vital role in the growth investment market as they help growing value of original investment over the medium to long term. The property is also considered as a key part of the growth investment owing to the price of houses and other properties may rise substantially over a medium to long term period. The best known type of the fixed interest investments includes the bonds that are essentially borrowed by governments or the companies against money from investors and paying suitable rate of interest in return. Additionally, cash investments activities typically carry out the lowest potential returns for all investment types. The cash investments include bank accounts, high interest savings accounts and term deposits. Based on the product, market is further segmented into securities or brokerages and stock exchanges, wealth management, investment banking, commodities brokerage, bonds brokerage, mergers & acquisitions advisory, debt capital markets underwriting, stock exchanges, equities brokerage, derivatives, equity capital markets underwriting, financial sponsor/syndicated loans and others. In addition, based on the applications, market is further segmented into bank, investment banking companies and Securities Company. The rise in technology and business development interest with every organization to drive investment market globally over the forecast period.

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