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Pseudomonas Infections Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2018, a clinical trial report by GlobalData provides information on the clinical trials scenario for pseudomonas infections. The report contains data regarding the trial numbers, trial enrolments in top countries (G7 and E7), trials by regions, by phase, trials status and lists drugs for in-progress trials. A trend analysis of the past years’ clinical trials of the disease and future projections, through this report, can help organizations to study the markets, find opportunities and investments.

Pseudomonas infections are bacterial infections caused by the ‘pseudomonas’ bacterium. These are generally found in soil, water, plants and damp areas. The infection has mild effects on a normal human body, usually cured by a dose of antibiotics. However, it can prove to be severe- in many cases fatal- for a body with weak immune system or already diseased. Also, known as opportunistic bacteria, pseudomonas is generally acquired by patients in a hospital setting.

The healthcare industry has been facing a challenge to cure pseudomonas infections. Clinical trials are being performed worldwide to find more effective therapeutics for the same, as the earlier ones are proving to be ineffective. Multi Drug Resistance or MDR as it is known, is the resistance that the bacteria causing the disease develop towards the antibiotics, thus leading to ineffectiveness of the drug. Hence there is a high demand for research of new antibiotics. Some of the other challenges faced are the resurfacing of the infection that have been observed in many cases or development of resistance mid-treatment regimen.

The companies involved in the covered clinical trials are: Gilead Sciences Inc., Novartis AG, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Insmed Inc., Polyphor AG, PARI Medical Holding GmbH, Humanigen Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Bayer AG and AmpliPhi Biosciences Corp.

Research for development of new antibiotics and pseudomonas therapeutics are on a surge globally, with USA being a dominant market in North America. Germany, France and UK are the top European countries investing in the research and trials. Experts believe that Asia is expected to become the focus of all the bio-medical and pharma companies, with China, India and Japan being the top countries.

The global clinical trials market is on rise. And as the demand for more effective cures increase globally, the growth is expected to continue for the next decade. Increasing globalization, technology advancements, increase in population and subsequent increase in the diversity of medical profiles, developments in emerging economies- all are the factors contributing to this growth. Apart from this, a positive support from the government in terms of regulations and policies has been favourable for businesses. Added to this are the increase in funding and investments from private entities. A market shift might be the future, as companies are focusing on the emerging countries for their potential markets and expansions. Also, the new- generation technologies are now helping the small and mid- size firms and research institutes to have access to data and research platforms, that were earlier available to only the big players.

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