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Dossier 360 is a premium subscription platform which offers database industry research reports, press releases, investment and economy news, equity and private company reports.Platform further offers an access to the extensive collection of relevant and credible news and business content. Platform also covers global news, company news, industry updates, country analysis, regulatory information and all key public records. Our Dossier 360 offers a streamlined and instinctive interface that makes operations much easier for the users accessing subscription.

We provide access to market statistics, industry reports, and economic indicators and customized research as and when needed by client. Our database is well designed not only to provide convincing insights on each market but also by providing evidence that have determined to the conclusions. The access to all data points includes a wide coverage and encompasses all aspects of a market ranging from macroeconomic indicators to competitive landscapes. As part of our market research services, we develop profile and segment information for all clients, assessing the competitors marketing strategies, anticipating the industry trends, and benchmarking.

We have market research specialist’s well skilled in gathering hard-to-find information from primary and secondary sources, such as social media sites, business directories, forums, and many online portals, websites, etc. We provide valuable insights and forecasts from the industry, facilitating in all sorts of decision-making process and contribute in marketing campaigns a success. Our market research services always strives to assist with all the relevant information about market, industry trends, competitors strategies, and innovations, and many other things, there by assisting to formulate effective marketing strategies, making well informed decisions, and reaching out to all prospective clients all over. In an attempt to cope with the constant changes, market participants are frequently in need of research and consulting studies. We take pride in serving clients with the superior quality with tailored requirements to make it cost effective.

We offer subscription services to clients and providing an unlimited access to research studies in compliance with other services. Subscription service enables the unrestricted access to analyst interactions with an attempt to serve clients in the best possible manner. Buying every time an individual reports and studies are expensive and time consuming affair. Our research subscription services for corporates operate on a 360-degree flexible model, providing clients with an opportunity, to design a befitting model. All reports as per database can be customized, in line with the client’s requirements. The information in our syndicated reports may sometimes not fulfill the exact need of the clients. The ever varying business environment has led to unique set of requirements. We at Ken Research understand that and therefore, provide exclusively designed market research reports with scope designed by clients, in collaboration with research experts. All customizations are based on a due diligence level and scope being solely defined by clients. Our in-house analysts keep track of a large number of reports to substantiate the requirements. Data points are accumulated and are then sorted with models with a variable co-relation, internal & external product substitution demand analysis that is used for forecasting the trends.

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