High Demand from Healthcare Sector Expected to Drive Global Research Stereo Microscopes Market


Research stereo microscopes are specific devices used in biomedical research for a variety of experiments and are an advanced device to provide valuable data. The stereo microscopes comprise of image processing device, camera part and stereoscopic display that provide the image of object or specimen with high resolution than any other devices. Stereoscopic microscope provides HD three dimensional (3D) image of any object with a clear & accurate sense and valuable information, which is used in fast evolving field of minimally invasive surgery & inspection. It is found that stereoscopic devices have better feasibility that provides 3D ultrasound data of human body while inspecting the irregular lesions or tortuous vessels.

Stereo microscope is a definite instrument that uses low-power and has distinctive magnification levels, ranges from 10x to 40x. These instruments are generally designed in such a way that one can get the profound information & viewing of the objects such as insects, rocks, flowers and others. These instruments are very useful tool to carry out the nature’s studies and are ideal for the young children for their educational purposes. These instruments are basically used in different industrial sectors including maetrological, mining and other fields to view the 3D image of the objects.

Referring to the study, “Global Research Stereo Microscopes Industry Research Report 2021 Segmented by Major Market Players, Types, Applications and Countries Forecast to 2027the key companies operating in the global research stereo microscopes industry include Leica, Vision Engineering, Nikon, Meiji Techno, Euromex, Olympus and among others. Several companies are dedicated to the manufacture of specific products for use in the life sciences, as these can be used in laboratories for experimental research purposes.

Based on types, research stereo microscopes market is segmented as monocular stereoscopic microscope, binocular stereoscopic microscope and trinocular stereoscopic microscope. Binoculars stereoscope delivers appropriate image of the object with necessary magnification range. It is also very helpful to conclude the structure of an object in deep for instance shape, content and therefore stereoscopic microscopes are very valuable in different sectors. In addition, based on application, market is segmented as material science applications, biological applications and others.

Growth in technological advancement & innovations, followed by rise in the demand of stereo microscope from various end-use industries are some major factors, which are responsible for growth of the research stereo microscopes market. Apart from this, lack of skilled professionals and high costs associated with stereo microscopes may impact the market. Moreover, integration of microscopy with spectroscopy and increase in number of research & development activities are leading opportunities for market.

Based on regional analysis, the North-America is a leading region in global research stereo microscopes market owing to high demand from healthcare sector and presence of major players across the region. The Europe and Asia-Pacific regions are estimated to witness higher growth rate due to upsurge in demand for 3-dimensional data coupled with rise in demand of the product from various end-users over the forecast period. It is projected that future of the global research stereo microscopes market will be optimistic caused by growth in government initiatives during the forecast period.

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