The Global Waste Water Management is poised to become a $500 Mn Market by 2026. Will the projections justify growth? : Ken Research


The market will be growing at the rate of 5% owing to stringent government regulations, rising urbanization & industrialization levels & environmental concerns, says a report by Ken Research

1.“Increasing government regulations:” With rising cases of pollutants being discharged into water, governments have started taking stricter measures to curb the same thus creating massive opportunity for the waste water management market

Global Waste Water Management Market

Countries all around the globe have enforced strict norms against polluting naturally occurring water bodies & illegal discharge of waste water. As per sources, globally 365 Mn cubic metres of waste water is produced each year.  States such as China, which were severely impacted by air pollution, special laws have been implemented to protect it from the harmful impact of waste water discharge. At the same time, developed states such as US have stringent norms when it comes to drinking water, potable water & waste water, indicating the fact that waste water is taken care of seriously. These countries also have a vast opportunity when it comes to Waste Water Management Market given the laws that have been put into place. Moreover, protection of bio diversity & curbing of pollution at all levels alongside the target of achieving sustainable development goals related to climate change by 2030 is something that has persuaded the international community to take serious steps.

2.“Water reuse in Trend:” Countries are incorporating the trend in order to keep up with the ongoing demand for water supply in industries & other segment

Global Waste Water Management Market

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Countries are increasing their water reuse capacities between 2009 and 2016; capital expenditure on water reuse is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19% while the global installed capacity of high quality water reuse plants is expected to grow from 28 million cubic meters per day to 79 million cubic meters per day. This in turn has a huge potential for the waste water management market. The following countries are leading the way, Kuwait, Israel, Singapore and Egypt with 91%, 85%, 35% and 32% of its wastewater reuse respectively. The water reuse market still holds huge opportunity in countries like Australia, USA, India and China, where the water recycling rate is less than 20%.

3.The market is expected to register a robust market growth owing to rising urbanization, pollution & government regulations.

Global Waste Water Management Market

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The growing awareness programs showing the need of waste management & waste segregation is one of the primary factors driving market growth. The waste water management market is expected to further witness a robust growth reaching a market share of over $ 500 Mn by 2026 as a result of increased urbanization & industrialization, rising environmental concerns & adoption of sustainable waste management practices.

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  • Forecast Period: 2022– 2027

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  • Adobe
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  • Articulate Global, LLC
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
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  • D2L Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
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Global Waste Water Management

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