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Dental imaging is a method of creating high quality images for the treatment of dental issues. It help dentists to diagnose the disease by providing actual and visual images of dental problem such as hidden dental structure, cavities, bone loss and oral malignant melanoma. Dental imaging technology market includes x-ray systems, dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), intraoral cameras and dental optical imaging. The general x-rays are sub segmented into two sub parts: digital and analog X-ray. Digital x-rays use less radiation and enables dentists to make a diagnosis more accurately. Analog x-ray has only one hard copy, so need to repeat x ray due to low quality of images. Dental CBCT is used to produce three dimensional (3D) images of teeth.

According to study, “Russia Dental Imaging Market Outlook to 2025” some of the major companies that are working in the Russia dental imaging market are DentsplySironaInc, Danaher Corp, Carestream Dental Ltd, PlanmecaOy, Vatech Co Ltd, Asahi Roentgen Ind Co Ltd, Acteon Group.

The Russian dental imaging industry is highly privatized. Dental imaging market is one of the most highly controlled and organized in country with thedental practices and dental laboratories moving from analog to digital radiography. The digital radiography, all process becomes simpler and faster. Digital technology provides dental practitioners with numerous technological and operational efficiencies when operating with X-ray systems. With the use digital technology, dentists are now able to work x-ray images using imaging software. It helps to minimize the amount of radiation exposure to patients and save a greater amount of time.

In Russia, the dental imaging market includes both intraoral and extraoral devices that assist in the operation of dental practices. Intraoral x-ray market includes photostimulable phosphorus systems, digital sensors, bitewing x-rays and periapical x-rays. A photostimulable phosphor is a type of phosphor that can store information generated by x-rays. A digital sensor is an electronic sensor, where data is digitally converted and transmitted. Bitewing X-rays are used to detect decay between teeth and changes in bone density caused by gum disease, as well as to determine the fit of dental crowns or restorations and the marginal integrity of tooth fillings. Periapical X-rays are used to detect root structure and surrounding bone structure abnormalities.

These daysthree dimensional (3D) dental imaging is used in dentistry. 3D dentistry involves developing a digital 3D image of the mouth and skull. 3D dental images are most often used for diagnosis and treatment planning. Some of the other advantages of 3D dentistry are beam limitation, short scan time, image accuracy, image detail, bone quality assessment, user-friendly and interactive display.

In Russia, dental imaging market is witnessing growth due to major market drivers such as technological advancement, increasing healthcare expenses, growing demand in oral care, rise in the volume of dental fixtures, growth due to geriatric population and premium range of dental imaging market etc. Digital dentistry is the wave of the future. Nowadays more than 75% of all dental practices are solo practices. Therefore affordability becomes a key criterion for digital dental imaging systems. Some platforms are used in digital dental imaging system for enabling dental practices and dental laboratories to ensure a smoother workflow such as interoperability and software. Due to increase in the patient awareness, adoption of digital platforms is growing rapidly, from patients likely to push dentists to adopt more digital technologies in order to reduce the waiting time and improve the aesthetic options currently provided in the field of dentistry.

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