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Eugenol is being observed as an effective therapeutic tool which can be found in the essential oils of various plants. Eugenol is measured as adaptable molecule used as an ingredient in various products including food industry, fragrance, flavor, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and others. In clove bud oil almost 80-90% of eugenol is present whereas in the clove leaf oil around 82-88% of eugenol is present. Hence, clove is considered as the main source of eugenol. In addition, the classification of eugenol is split differently into the market on the basis of demand which includes purity: 99%, purity:98%, purity:97% and others. Whereas the applications of eugenol is also classified in to market such as perfumeries, flavorings, essential oils, medicines, plastics and rubber, production of isoeugenol and others. With the wide applications of the eugenol the demand is growing which resultedas a significant increase in the market.

Due to significant growth in this sector, many companies have also entered in this market with more efficiency and enhanced technology that is related to essential oils and plastics and rubber in which eugenol is used efficiently. According to the study, ‘ASIA EUGENOL (CAS 97-53-0) INDUSTRY SITUATION AND PROSPECTS RESEARCH REPORT’ some of the major companies which are currently functioning in this market with advanced technology for the efficient use of the product includes Boc Science, Nile Chmicals, Vigon International, Inc., Parish Chemical Company, Symrise GmbH & Co. KG, Flagresso G.M.B.H., Penta Manufacturing Co., Extrasynthese, Hubei XinRunde Chemical Co., Ldt, AOPHARM, Finetech Industry Limited, Wuhan Haizheng Industry & Trade development Co. Ltd, Shanghai Hope Chem co., Ltd. and others. Not only has this, the report also consist the information about the mergers, competitive parties of the product, targeted end user of the product, other major leading vendors of the product, their production capacity, price, revenue, cost and gross margin 2012-2017 and other major points which are directly related to the supply and demand of the product.

With all the advantages and numerous applications the demand of the product and the growth of the market have increased significantly in the recent years. Moreover, improvement in the technologies of the perfumeries, flavorings, and essential oils industries in the Asia-Pacific region has led to significantly increase in the competition and demand for the eugenol which further led to witness to growth in the market on the current scenario. Increase in the demand of eugenol and advancement in the market trend has resulted eugenol market more competitive and not only has this, new investments and more supply bring new opportunities for the key players, investors, consumers, importers, exporters and others. Majorly due to the increasing competition and new opportunities in this industry gives geographic growth to the market. Moreover, based on the global eugenol market has been further classified into different regions such as China, India, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and other Asia-Pacific region. On the report analysis it is expected that the market of Asia-Pacific region will acquire the significant share in the market with the more usage of eugenol in themedicines and production of isoeugenol. In addition, development in the market trend having a significant impact on development in the production over recent years mainly in developing countries. Therefore, the future of this industry will be aided by the positive growth in the coming years.

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