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Seed is playing significant role in the agriculture as seeds make up over 70% of the food that people consume directly. According to the report analysis, Seed Industry Research Reportsuggests that seed technology is mainly aim to improve the quality of the seeds that farmer plant. Moreover, seeds are also planted to produce the rest of the plant foods we eat. Agriculture and food seed is developing with the more development in the technology, processed and maintained with high quality through continuous advancement in seed science whereas some of the major steps which are taken by the scientists to assure a safe supply of seed such as Testing, Drying, Cleaning, Storing, Packaging, Sorting, and others. Security of seed is the security of food as if a supple of seed is not cared regularly and not maintained with high quality, it will lose its ability to sprout and resulting in empty fields.

Seed Priming is one of the methods of improving seed performance by developing the seed with determined moisture for a predetermined temperature and time. Within the vast seed industry, the broad adaption of priming was led by the protected culture flower and vegetable seed industry. Generally, priming reduces the time to germination and may improve the seed’s ability to germinate under temperature or moisture stress whereas, the priming does not usually develop the viability of poor quality seeds. Priming brings tremendous value to the grower and has been the main driver for its wide adaption in the protected culture greenhouse industry. According to the report analysis, Seed Business Reviewstates that it is expected that priming these slow germinators significantly cuts the germination time down to a few days in many instances and the industry of seed is expected to grow significantly with the more innovations in the perception of primed seed. In addition, priming increases usable transplants allowing greater production against a relatively constant overhead meant greater profit per unit greenhouse area. Therefore, adaption of this is wide in the protected culture greenhouse industry. Many seed companies advertise seeds as “vigorized” instead of calling them primed.

Like other industries, the seed industry is rapidly becoming more developed and highly specialized whereas many companies that sell vegetables seeds and there are numerous companies that actually grow their own seeds and develop new cultivators has been decreasing. In addition in this market several companies do not sell seeds but specialize in coating seeds produced by other companies which result more expansion in this market and result significant growth in the recent trend. Holler Seed Company only produces cucurbit seeds and sold them to those companies who are specializing in retail sales. Whereas, many more companies are in this market which are currently working in this market in an effective manner such as Asgrow vegetable seeds, Petoseed, Royal Sluis and others. Moreover, the market of seed has many of the large vegetable seed companies are multinational which make the market more competitive and ensure the new entrants which market the market more innovative.

In the Asia Pacific region the seed market is expected to grow rapidly and with the more innovations in the Europe. However, it is also expected to acquire huge share in this market. Not only has this, North America and Middle East Africa is dominating the market with more development and while welcoming the new entrants make the market more profitable. Therefore, with the new entrants in this market it is expected that in the coming years the market of seed will grow significantly over the decades.

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