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In Columbia the forces of military are the amalgamated armed forces of the Republic of Colombia. However, President of Colombia is the military’s commander in chief and supports the policy of defense with the Ministry of National Defense which is charge of day-to-day procedures. The military of this region has its ancestries in the independence war against the Spanish Empire. The Colombian military has the third largest expenditure in the Americas, after the United States and Brazil respectively. The United States has serves effective equipment and financing to the Colombian military and police with the assistance programs of military, the international narcotics control programs, foreign military sales and several others. In addition, the Armed forces of Colombia pursue to diversify into a traditional force that protects national sovereignty from the external threats, in its place of fighting an interior battles armed guerrilla groups. The key players of this industry are playing effective role for attaining the profitable profile by doing the significant development in the technologies of defense military of Colombia.

According to the report analysis, ‘Future of the Colombian Defense Industry – Market Attractiveness, Competitive Landscape and Forecasts to 2023’ states that some of the major companies which are currently functioning in this sector actively by dominating the growing demand of potential buyers includes Industria Militar, Sudamin S.A, Cotecmar, Bell and several others. Moreover, the Colombian Armed Forces are being performed with the clearing landmines, manual eradication of coca, and the fortification of the eradicators. Whereas, at the surprise of 2017, the government undertaken to eradicate 100,000 hectares of coca crops by the end of the year.  The Colombia is specifically committed to underdeveloped security investigation and enforcement in the inaccessible regions of the country such as Arauca, Choco, Cauca and several others where the government has implemented little to no existence, giving flexibility for criminal activity to embellishment.

The Colombian defense industry is anticipated to account stable growth over the next five years because of the growth in both the external and internal security threats, with the stabilization of the region. In 2018, valued at USD 11.1 billion. Whereas, in the history, the Colombia distributed an average of 4.6% of its total defense to reduce to an average of 3.3% of the region’s defense budget over the coming years with the remaining 96.7% being assigned to modifying expenditure of revenue expenditure. The MoD is forecasted to invest in Land-based physical security of critical infrastructure, frigates and land based C4ISR.

The United States pursues to appreciate an honored relationship with the Colombia with respect to the military equipment acquisitions. However, the competitors from Israel, France, Russia and Germany are also the significant players and effectively increase the introduction of new equipment for gaining the handsome amount of market share. The Colombian military inclines to use the effective and standardized equipment and values relationships, quality, interoperability, warranties and familiarity with the equipment.

The market will grow more significant of the defense military in the Colombia by the effective development in the economy in the near future over the decades.

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