Growing Volume of Big Data and Low Costs to Enterprises will Boost Germany Hyperscale Data Center Market: Ken Research


1. Hyperscale Data Center market in Germany expanded at a CAGR of 21.7% in between 2017 and 2022P.

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As the demand for cloud computing solutions increases, so does the need for supporting large-scale data centre infrastructure. The number of people connecting to the internet is continuing to drive demand for data-center-based compute and connectivity. Increasing investments in automation of infrastructure and incorporation of AI in operating data centers to supplement Hyperscale Market Growth in Germany.

2. Network and server solutions offered by hyperscale data centers in Germany has contributed over 85% of the revenues to the industry.

Germany Hyperscale Data Center Market RevenueThe growth of hyperscale data center operators operating in the country has been fuelled by demand from internet giants trying to keep pace with the world’s seemingly insatiable appetite for digital services. Hyperscale data center design uses a modular approach to serve large chunks of end-users, who are generating massive amounts of data at any given time. The adoption of advanced technologies such as AI and big data analytics will increase the demand for high-performance all-flash storage arrays among data center facilities in Germany.

3. Energy efficiency, growing big data volume and cost efficient hyperscale data center operations to be considered as growth enablers for the industry.

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The drive to save money on power rises the demand for energy-efficient hyperscale data centers. In data centers, high-density blade servers, and storage systems provide higher computation capability per Watt of energy consumption. The growing volume of Big Data across the business eco-system is gaining maturity. 79% of enterprise executives agreed that companies that do not embrace Big Data would lose their competitive position and are expected to face extinction. Currently, 83% of enterprises pursue Big Data projects to seize a competitive edge. Adoption of hyperscale data centers decreases the total cost of ownership due to optimal hardware infrastructure utilization, effective allocation of system workloads, and process transformation.

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Germany Hyperscale Data Center Market Analysis