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Mexico has a population of around 122 million and has around 18% of fixed-lines in telecom sector. This trend projects a significant potential growth in the telecommunications sector. The telecom market is dominated by the incumbent Telmex consisting of about two thirds of Mexican subscribers and the mobile market is dominated by Telcel. Telmex and Telcel are sister companies owned by América Móvil in the country. Mexico has proposed telecom reform laws in the year 2013 to set up new regulatory laws to remove barriers from foreign investment. These reforms made the existing Mexico’s telecom market more competitive.

The highest growth areas in the Mexico telecoms market is the broadband sector. Megacable and Grupo Televisa are the dominant players in the cable TV and satellite TV sector. These players are broadening their services by bundling there services with cable TV, broadband and telephony. This trend has attracted more consumers and their subscriptions have grown steadily in the recent years. The entry of AT&T into the mobile market has enabled the growth in the telecommunications sector. Multi-spectrum auctions in Mexico are expected by the end of 2017, enabling operators to improve the quality of mobile data offerings. In the year 2017, the ALTAN consortium was contracted to manage a wholesale mobile network for 20 years in Mexico. It aims at delivering mobile voice and data to underserved areas and will be made available for use from March 2018. The ALTAN consortium will be a part based on an infrastructure sharing agreement with Telcel in Mexico to develop its 700MHz wholesale network.

According to the study “Mexico: Country Intelligence Report”, the telecom infrastructure in Mexico witnessed a continuing development from wire to wireless technology in mobile and broadband services over the recent years. Mexico is one of the top users of smartphones around the world and the mobile market is expected to expand drastically with new ventures. The telecommunication sector in Mexico is not just about voice transmission but also includes data transmissions such as electronic mail and social media. It was expected that there will a rapid growth with the ever growing population in Mexico and latest technology advances which is an added advantage for the Mexican economy and society.

The Mexican fixed line telecoms market has declined drastically with the introduction of mobile market. Few surveys on Mexican population indicate that new communication technologies such as internet, mobile phones and smartphones are under utilized by aged population. Smartphones in Mexico are mostly used by almost all ages, people aged between 25-34 preferably use tablets, and people aged between 35-44 use both tablets and smartphones along with teenagers who are the biggest users of computer and internet. This research was carried out on individuals who were introduced to mobile communications and it was summarized that young adults are avid users of technology along with aging population in Mexico.

The leading players in the telecommunication sector in Mexico are America Movil (Telcel, Telmex), AT&T Mexico, Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex), Axtel, Alestra, Maxcom, Marcatel, Megacable, Cablemas, Cablevision, Grupo Televisa, Sistemas Interactivos de Telecomunicaciones (SIT), Megafon, InterCable, CFE, AT&T Mexico (Iusacell, Nextel Mexico), Movistar (Telefonica Mexico), Globalstar, Unefon, Virgin Mobile, Weex.

Mexico’s telephone network is well-developed offering modern telecommunication services but the telecom charges are high compared to other regions. It was expected that the competitive dynamics in the telecommunications and pay-TV sectors in Mexico will witness an evolution in service type, technology, and regulatory trends. It was observed that the telecommunications and pay-TV services revenue in Mexico will witness a fastest growth rates across the globe over the coming years. There would be a fierce competition between the leading players such as Grupo Televisa and AT&T to expand their presence by challenge Telmex/Telcel. The Altan’s Red Compartida LTE wholesale network is expected to develop rapidly and commercialization along with Red Troncal fiber-optic to increases penetration and usage of its telecom services. VoIP leading players Grupo Televisa and Megacable are experiencing huge gains in their voice telephony and doubling the number of subscriptions over the coming years.

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