Increase in Number of Smart Phones Users Coupled with Increase in Number of Games to Drive the Digital Gaming Market in Japan: Ken Research


Recent times have marked the beginning of a new period for the businesses in order to engage customers with their brand and products, using internet as the primary mediator. The social media has showed to play a pivotal role in providing new ways of customer engagement and encouraging customer’s buying behavior all this assisted by digital gaming. Japan has a long history in inventive and developing video game hardware and software, and the recent international success of Sony and Nintendo demonstrated that Japanese game companies are still relevant globally.

According to study, “Japan Digital Gaming Market (2018-2023)” some of the major companies that are currently working in the Japan digital gaming market are Nintendo, Konami, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Sony, Sega Samy, NEXON, Doricom, Mobcast, Axel Mark,, Xing Inc., Cybird, Gree, DeNA, Square Enix, Dwango, NTT Solmare, MIT K.K, NEC Biglobe, GungHo Online Entertainment, Worker Bee Inc.

Japanese gamers only prefer localized content and languages. Therefore around 90 % of games revenue comes from Japanese companies. Mobile gaming is the major growing segment in digital gaming due to the continuous improvement in hand-held devices, the dawn of internet in mobiles and accessing entertainment anytime.

The digital gaming supports ability to maintain visual attention, improve visual search performance, improves individuals switching & reaction speeds, persistence and handling the multiple objectives. Apart from advantages, some of the major problems created by digital gaming include impulsiveness, depression & anxiety, sleep problems, aggressiveness, pain in back (shoulder and neck) and worse physical health etc.

On the basis of platform, the digital gaming market is segmented into mobile games, PC games and console games. Mobile games are the games widely played on tablets (android enabled tablets and iPads) and smart-phones. PC games are the games widely played on web and personal computer, with the use of internet browser or social networks. In addition, console games are played on xbox, play stations and Nintendo etc.

On the basis of genres, the market is segmented into role-play action, strategy, shooter and sports etc. These genres are played beyond single player, multi player and massively multi player layouts in devices such as computer, mobile and through console devices.

The market of digital gaming is mainly driven by increasing the number of games. Increasing of new technological advancement, increasing use of internet & smart-phones, and growing youth significantly led to the growth of the market. The government regulations have supported inhibiting the growth of the market and to controlling apparent gaming obsessions.

The Science Council of Japan recognized the Digital Games Research Association Japan (DiGRA Japan) nonprofit society. In 2018, this society has 300 members. All members work on digital games research and associated activities. It further supported smaller regional conferences via its digital library.

In 2018, Japanese mobile gaming market is projected at USD 19.2 billion. In near future, it is estimated that this market will be grown increasingly due to wide adoption of smart-phones, migration from 3G to 4G/LTE and improved data transmission rate. It is expected that this market will be growing at a significantly high CAGR, during 2018-2023 period.

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