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Most importantly baby food sector is expected to grow significantly and the recent scenario also represents the significant growth in the plans of the market. According to the report analysis, ‘THE BABY FOOD SECTOR IN PORTUGAL, 2018’ suggests that the supply of baby food is now in the hands of two major manufactures such as Nestle and DANONE which hold a combined 80.0% of market share. Nestle is a Swiss company which is having nearly half of the entire value share due to its operations in various branches of baby food. Moreover, DANONE and MILUPA are also prominent players of this market in the Portugal. DANONE is majorly famous for milk products and cereals whereas the MILUPA is a constant player that has differentiated the food products of baby in bottled milk formula such as APTAMIL which is widely used product and highly renowned. Moreover, in the Portugal canned and packaged baby food such as fruit and baby rice is observed advantageous supplement to the homemade baby food.

The hectic new lifestyle has created a demand for prepared food which is available in the baby food market of Portugal. Moreover, Italy has the lowest birth rate in Europe followed by Portugal but the crises of the economic landscape of the country cannot be contradicted. In the past years, recession in the economy of Portugal resulted postpone in the decision to have babies but in the recent trend the country has marked reduction in population by a least margin. In Europe the birthrates had been reducing for a very long period even before the 2000s however, condition was changed somewhat when the European governments greeted immigration and benefited the young couples with cash for starting families. The situation seems to be degenerate one more time and the Portugal is between from those countries which bearing the brunt as the consumption of baby food product turns out to be lower when analysis to that at the starting of the decade.

In the economy of Portugal the number of working mothers is growing significantly which choose the milk formula actively for infants as they cannot be feed up by the solid food in the early stages and this product is witnessing the growth in the market of baby food product. In addition, the parents are becoming more concern and aware about the health of the infant which also is fuel to this industry for market growth as many key players are working very effectively in this industry for producing the baby food product. Milks formula accounts for the largest share in the industry of baby food product. Moreover, in the recent time constraints have reduced the usage of homemade baby food in both developed and developing nations.

With the increase in the concern various health organizations were opened which provide the information related to the baby food product to the parents which results in the significant increase in the demand for baby food product. Whereas, with the increase in the demand the baby food product is split in the market such as the baby food is available either in soft or liquid paste. Therefore, the industry of baby food sector market in Portugal will grow in the coming in a significant manner.

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