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Digital gaming is a system program that facilitates a computer and a human to interact according to set of both explicit and implicit rules. It is controlled by computer processor. It is played on a digital or electronic device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and computers etc. It is goal-driven and rule-governed. It is the most important sector of entertainment and media industry. It provides virtual environment and educational methods for students.

Digital gaming supports many qualities of interactional cognitive development, situated cognition and schema theory. The gaming also promotes co-operation, engagement, challenges and development of problem solving strategies and engagement.

According to study, “India Digital Gaming Market (2018-2023)” some of the major companies that are currently working in the India digital imaging market are Activision Blizzard, Dhruva Interactive, Gameloft Software Private Limited, 99Games Online Private Limited, Nintendo, Paytm, Mech Mocha Games, Youzu Ltd., Nazara Technologies, Electronic Arts Games India Private Limited, Sony, Moonfrog Labs Private Limited, Creatiosoft Solutions Private Limited, Reliance Jio, Tencent.

Digital gaming is useful for learning objectives, technological and developing practical concept to learners. Some of the key advantages are ability to maintain visual attention, improve visual search performance, improves task switching & reaction speeds, persistence in the face of difficult tasks and multiple object tracking etc. Apart from advantages, some of the challenges include impulsiveness, depression & anxiety, sleep problems, aggressiveness, pain in back (shoulder and neck) and worse physical health etc.

The digital gaming includes of mobile games, PC games and console games. Mobile games are played on tablets (android enabled tablets and iPads) and smart-phones. PC games include web games on personal computer, with the help of internet browser or social networks. In addition, console games are played on xbox, play stations and Nintendo etc.

On the basis of revenue model, the digital gaming market is segmented into pay to play, freemium and advertising. On the basis of genres, the market is segmented into role-play action, strategy, shooter and sports etc. These genres can be played beyond single player, multi player and massively multi player layouts in devices such as computer, mobile and through console devices. The strategic games are included call of duty, clash of clans and counter strike etc. Some games networks are Elex technology, Octro, Super cell, Zynga and Game loft etc.

In India, there are nearly 200 game development companies, which provide at least two start-ups every month. Mobile gaming is the major growing segment in digital gaming due to owing to the increased average time spent on smart devices, rising internet penetration rate and the inclination of gamers towards mobile and online gaming.

The market of digital gaming is mainly driven by increasing the number of games and new technological advancement, increasing proliferation of internet & smart-phones, growing youth and government regulations are increasing extensively which led to the growth of the market. Electronic Sports League (ESL) is an investor in country which provides best e Sports players in country. In addition, some new trends are involved smart and soft monetization, manufacturing of powerful & affordable gaming devices and pilot projects of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games.

It is estimated that smart-phone users of India expend four hours per day on gaming apps. It is estimated that, this market will be registered a double-digit CAGR due to revenue from mobile games. It is expected that the digital gaming market will be grown increasingly through the forecast period of 2018-2023 due to the high availability of skilled game developers and a rapid upsurge in the country’s gaming market.

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