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According to the report analysis, Argentina: Country Intelligence Report’ states that the total telecommunications and pay-TV service revenues in Argentina will increase to USD 12.2 billion by 2023-end, supported essentially by growth in mobile data and fixed-broadband sector. Whereas, the fixed broadband earning will increase at a CAGR 3.7% during the period 2018-2023 to reach USD 2.2 billion by year-end 2023, operate by steady growth in fiber-optic sector. Moreover, the Argentina has one of the most prominent mobile market in Latin America and many of the Argentineans own multiple SIM cards, some having several phones for work and personal calls, and some having a smartphone for other mobile networks to take benefits of special offers. Not only has this, the key player of Argentina telecommunication market doing so many research development with the more advancement in the technology of telecom and the market will lead significant growth in the near future.

Argentina’s smartphone piercing is relatively high for the region, though it pursues to be held back by the high cost of smartphone devices. With high cost also the mobile data revenue will grow at a CAGR of 9.7% during the period 2018-2023, supported by expansion of smartphone penetration and increase in the adoption of 4G facilities with higher ARPU. Whereas, technology and industry wise, the market of telecom in Argentina has been among the global leaders in the technological advancement. Moreover, with the more technological advancement in the telecom technologies the Argentina is going to influence the handsome amount of share in the market in the near future. Smartphone subscription will reach an estimated 34.0 million by the end of 2018, whereas it is anticipated that smartphone subscription will increase at a positive CAGR of 7.2% over 2018-2023 period, reaching 47.9 million by 2023. Not only has this, the Argentina’s mobile phone subscription penetration of people will reach an estimated 140.4% by years-end 2018, 27.4 pp above Latin America’s average of 113.0%. Moreover, in the recent trend the field of internet in Argentina is succeeding very much with the extensive usage of mobile phones in this economy and show the significant growth and competition in the telecommunication sector.

Telecom Argentina is the leading local telephone company in the northern part of the Argentina, involving Buenos Aires, which has a wide population. In addition, the telecom Argentina will benefit in the near future with the developments in 5G technologies, a significant increase in the subscriber base and income growth across its business sectors. Telecommunication leading players who take benefit of the 5G technologies will be able to keep up with increasing data need in the wake of its new uses in the near decade. Moreover, many companies are doing more development and advancement in the applications of existing telecom technologies for admiring huge amount of share in the market and because of extensive usage of data communication facilities the usage of mobile phone penetration has also lifted up in Argentina.

Movistar Argentina, Claro Argentina, Telecom Argentina-Cablevision, Personal Argentina, Cablevision, Fibertel, Telecentro, DIRECTV are the major companies in the Argentina telecommunication market and will lead more competition in the market which further makes the market more attractive. Therefore, in the coming years it is expected that the market of Argentina telecommunication market will grow more significantly over the decades with the more effective development in the technology.

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