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Internet of things (IOT) is a physical devices network, home appliances and other items which are embedded with software, actuators, electronics and connectivity which enable the things to connect and allow reciprocity of data. Moreover, based on the usage the applications of Internet of things can be split in the different sectors of market which includes infrastructure application, commercial application, consumer application, commercial applications. The market is majorly dominated by the consumer usage as the internet of things is majorly installed or connected in vehicles, smart phones, connected health, home automation and others. In tourism internet of things is playing a significant role as the applications of the internet of things extends to all the aspects of transportation system which includes smart traffic control, vehicle control, safety and road assistance and others. Therefore, with the wide range of applications it is expected that in the coming years the market of internet of things will grow rapidly.

According to the report analysis, ‘Internet of Things in Tourism – Thematic Research’ suggests that internet of things refers to a world where various devices are connected to the internet with a view to automating more of our lives, saving energy, making industrial processes run more efficiently, and others. Moreover, tourism and hospitality are certain such sectors which are growing rapidly. Luggage too is an important part of travelling and tourism. Research and development in this sector leads to new concept of smart luggage whereas one manufacture is Trunkster which is trying to develop zipper less luggage equipped with GPS and some other special features. Additionally, artificial intelligence is also being used to speed up operations, reduce costs and improve quality of output. One more manufacture that is Germany’s Lufthansa is enhancing the future of travel and tourism as the passengers can track their luggage with the help of link found on their mobile boarding pass in the Lufthansa app. Whereas, voice determination technology is also maintain to disrupt the travel and tourism sector.

Hotels such as W Austin of Marriott International, Kimpton Alexis Hotel and Westin Buffalo started experimenting with voice activated devices and offer this technology to customers for more satisfying experience because more and more customers are shifting from typed-insearch to voice interactions. Not only has this, the Walt Disney Company had developed customizable, wearable MagicBand which connects to the theme park and track guest’s locations and activities. Moreover, the more development and upgradation in the technology leads to significant growth in internet of things in tourism market. Whereas, some of the major companies which are currently functioning in the sector of market includes Cisco, Intel, IBM, Airbus, Akamai, Microsoft, Splunk, micro Focus, Google, Amazon, Samsung, General Electronics (GE), Microchip and others. Furthermore, smart tourism will require the use of internet of things in a different way. The initial bookings may be done from anywhere with the help of internet of things or through websites but the actual experience of touring a place will all be managed by the smart coordination of objects which will enhance the experience of the tourist.

New technologies have been developed the platform of internet of things in tourism and many companies done many innovations which lead the certain projects in the development and new opportunities to the new entrants. Therefore, the market of internet of things in tourism is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

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