Global Home Healthcare market has had a massive growth curve with making close to USD 280 Bn in 2019- Which factors can contribute to ensure further growth of industry in future?


In countries where it is adopted by the government, home-based healthcare proved to reduce emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and readmissions, says a report by Ken Research.

1. What is the dominant patient profile in Global Healthcare Market 2019.

Other Challenges In Global Home Healthcare Market

Elderly care is the most dominant patient profile in the home healthcare market globally. Japan and India have high emotional value attached to caring for parents therefore focus should be on gaining trust of families in these countries.

Nurse or Aide with knowledge of native language and cultural awareness training is alos preferred by families.

Rehabilitation services is the 2nd most demanded. Role of home care rehabilitation nurse should include practitioner, care coordinator, advocate, educator, consultant and researcher for better services.

2. Which Age Group Segment can be targeted to earn the maximum revenue in Global health care Market?

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The mother and infant segment in home healthcare market globally is the 2nd most dominant after the age group segment of 65 and above. In mother and infant segment, target on nuclear and affluent households, cases with medical complications in delivery must be given priority. Services like physical therapy, mobility services, Dementia and Alzheimer’s care, occupational therapy, emotional care etc are most required by consumers.

Conducting workshops in workplaces, hospitals etc. can be beneficial for companies dealing in home healthcare market. Connecting with general doctors and hospitals for referrals can also lead to maximization of revenue.

3. Rising trends to look for in Global Home Healthcare Market.

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Leading healthcare provider NMC in UAE has its own home health service line and other institutional setups are expected to diversify along the same lines.

Many home health care companies are implementing IoT solutions to monitor and track health of chronically ill and geriatric patients. Qualcomm and Philips IoT application reduces reemission costs. This application connects medication dispensers, biosensors and self-care glucose meters enabling remote patient monitoring, chronic care management and connected medication management. This technology enables home care service providers to track patient’s health and those availing home care to manage their health from remote areas.

MENA Telehealth conference 2020 to take place in Dubai on 26 January. Representatives of Home Health sector also appointed as speakers given the important role of telehealth in home healthcare.

Abu Dhabi is reported to constitute 80-85% of the overall supply of home healthcare services in U.A.E.