India Ground Handling Services Market Driven by Increasing Number of Airlines and Technological Advancement in Ground Support Equipments: Ken Research


Rising number of airlines entering the aviation market in India, foreign airlines not being permitted to undertake self handling and technological advancement in Ground Support Equipment were the key factors driving growth in India Ground Handling Services Market.

India ground handling services market grew at a positive CAGR of around 11% during FY’2013 – FY’2018. Foreign airlines were not allowed to undertake self handling at any airport until MOCA GHA 2017 was released. This increased opportunities for third party ground handling companies which provided end-to-end ground handling services to these airlines.

Technological advancement in Ground Support Equipment made the ground handling process more efficient and affected the market positively. For example, introduction of tow bar-less pushback (TBL) reduced time taken for pushback by almost 50% as compared to conventional pushback. New airlines entering the Indian aviation space also increased demand for ground handling services at the airports in the country and contributed to the growth of the ground handling services market in India.

The market faces certain challenges in terms of quality of labor recruited and cost of labor. Companies have to spend a lot of time and resources to train this labor. Airport environment and airport accidents also increase the unpredictability factor in provision of ground handling services and be very costly for companies in the market.

The market is expected to witness an increase in number of air passengers and air freight in the future due to rising per capita income and growth in e-commerce industry. The ground handling services market in India will be positively affected by the implementation of government schemes.

The report titled “India Ground Handling Services Market Outlook to 2026 – Compelling Potential with New Tenders for 90 AIA Airports” by Ken Research suggested a growth at a CAGR of 14.1% in revenue in India Ground Handling Services Market by FY’2026. The government policy of permitting 100% FDI in ground handling market will enable and encourage foreign players to enter the ground handling services market. Air passenger traffic of commercial airlines is expected to grow from 230.6 million in FY’2019 to 344.8 million in FY’2022.

Products Covered:

Airport Ground Handling Services, Passenger Handling Services, Ramp Handling Services, Cargo Handling Services, check-in, gate arrival/departure, customer service counters, lost/damaged/transfer baggage handling, unaccompanied minors and special needs customers, interior cabin cleaning, temperature control and de-icing, lavatory/water services, handling checked-in baggage, aircraft tow/pushback, airport bussing, offloading/loading and storage of pallets, containers and unit load devices, cargo supervision and security screening, export/import cargo handling and mail, perishable cargo handling, DG handling, VAL handling, notification of recipients, ULD build up and break-down

Companies Covered:

Air India Air Transport Services Ltd. (AIATSL), Air India SATS Ltd., Bird Worldwide Flight Services, Celebi Nas Airport Services India Pvt. Ltd., Bhadra International Pvt. Ltd., Indo-thai Airport Management Services, Menzies Aviation Bobba (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd, GlobeGround India, Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management Private India Limited, IFOS Aviation Services Private Limited, Bird Execujet Airport Services Private Limited, Bangalore Airport Terminal Management Private India Limited, Cargo Service Centre, KCIC Private Limited and Indamer MJets Airport Services Private Limited.

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