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How Is the Online Meat Delivery Market Positioned In India?


More than 70% Indians are Non-Vegetarians and the Meat Market in India is highly Unorganized with only <~% accounting for the organized meat market. The industry is currently positioned in a nascent stage registering a triple-digit CAGR between FY2016 and FY2022P.

Introduction of new and Innovative meat categories by the online players & Increased demand of online meat products in millennials as they become more conscious about quality and hygiene of meat has led to the growth of online meat delivery market in India.


The Online Meat Delivery Market in India is positioned to be at a nascent stage with at a CAGR ~% during the period FY2016-FY2022P. The online meat penetration in FY2022P was ~%. The India online meat delivery market has been segmented on the basis of type of meat, type of product, nature of storage, by regions, and by nature of players.

The online meat delivery companies are aiming to become one stop solution for all the meat products.

Fresh Meats are delivered hygienically through a unique end-to-end cold chain supply that ensures consistent freshness from farm to consumer without freezing or exposing meats to any preservatives or water.

India Online Meat Delivery Market

By Type of Meat

Chicken contributes the most in terms of revenue with respect to the other meat categories as it is relatively cheaper than other forms of meat and it is easily affordable, hence, most consumed. Therefore, its % share is expected to Increase even more by the year FY2027. Licious, TenderCuts and FreshtoHome are major players in online meat delivery segment in India.

By Type of Products

The online meat delivery companies are aiming to become one stop solution for all the meat products. The companies are now focusing more on the Ready to Eat (RTE) and Ready to Cook (RTC) categories. Ready-to-Eat meat and poultry products are the products that are safe to eat without additional preparation, although they may receive additional preparation (for example, reheating) for a better taste or appearance. The fast-paced lifestyle changes and the evolving needs of the customer have pushed the demand for – RTC & RTE.

By Nature of Storage

Fresh Meats are delivered hygienically through a unique end-to-end cold chain supply that ensures consistent freshness from farm to consumer without freezing or exposing meats to any preservatives or water. Fresh Meat contributes for about ~% of the overall online meat delivery market.

By Region

Major Online Meat delivery companies expands to Metro & Tier I cities primarily as these cities have higher Internet Penetration, Working Population and Technology Awareness as compared to Tier II and below cities.

By Nature of Players

Meat specialists capture ~% of the market. Meat delivery requires supply chains to be redesigned according to geography and category of products – which can only be done by Meat Specialists – the ones who specially deals in meat delivery. Therefore, generalists have a disadvantage that meat is not their focus point.

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Who is the Target Customer?

The demand for online meat delivery is rising among millennial working professionals and people between the age group of 18-45 years as they have less time to physically visit a store for meat delivery. Employed Population in India stood at ~% as of 2022.


Value Chain Model

The Online Meat Delivery Service providers source meat directly from high quality farms equipped with innovative technologies to ensure healthy growth of animals. Products are transported in refrigerated trucks to processing centres and then to delivery centres. Also, delivery executives carry them in insulated bags to retain freshness.

The major players in the online meat segment have cracked the supply chain through delivering the meat products directly from farm. Most players deliver fresh meat within 2 hours of ordering it. People prefer express delivery as it offers convenience to them.

Impact Of Covid-19

The demand for online Meat is rising many folds after Covid-19 outbreak, as people have become more conscious about safety and hygiene of products, especially for meat.  Here, the online Meat delivery Players have an advantage that they have to abide by the stringent safety and hygiene Laws and Guidelines from FSSAI, hence, people are building the trust of quality on the online players. In addition to that, the online players source the meat directly from farm and conducts 100-150 quality checks to be assured that only the best quality products are delivered to the consumer.

Competitive Landscape

The competition in the industry is moderately concentrated with presence of more than 10-12 layers in the industry.  Some of the major players include Licious, FreshtoHome, TenderCuts, Zappfresh, Fipola and Meatigo. Quality of meat, Price, Discounts & Offers, Return Policy, Ease of Payment have been major factors influencing customer behavior. Companies with large product assortment, assurance of freshness & quality of meat, wide regional presence and express delivery are identified as clear leaders in the industry.

What is the Future of India Online Meat Delivery Market?

The demand is expected to grow with a CAGR of ~% on the basis of revenue between FY2022P and FY2027F. Drone Technology, Voice Ordering, Processing Centre Automation and Innovative Product Category is anticipated to drive the Online Meat Delivery Market in future. Demand Prediction and Customer Behaviour Analysis is crucial to ensure sufficient availability of meat products and to ensure minimum spoilage of these products.

Key Segments Covered:-

By Type of Meat


Fish & Seafood


Others (Pork, Eggs, etc.)

By Type of Product

RTC & RTE (Ready to Cook & Ready to Eat)

DIY (Do It Yourself)

By Nature of Storage



By Region

Metro & Tier I

Tier II and below

By Nature of Players

Meat Specialists


Companies Covered:-







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Key Target Audience:-

Online Meat Delivery Companies

Aggregator Companies

E-commerce Companies

Private Equity and Venture Capitalist Firms

Time Period Captured in the Report: –

Historical Period: FY2016–FY2022P

Forecast Period: FY2022P-FY2027F

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

How is the Online Meat Delivery Market positioned in India?

India Online Meat Delivery Market Flowchart

India – Meat Consumption Statistics

Comparison of buying meat from Local Shops V/S Online Meat Delivery Platforms

Target Addressable Audience for the market

Supply Ecosystem and Challenges

Demand Scenario, Target Customer and Factor Influencing Consumer Behavior

Value Chain Model

SWOT Analysis

Current Technologies Facilitating Online Meat Delivery Industry

Upcoming Technologies in Online Meat Delivery Industry

Investment and Funding in Online Meat Delivery Companies in India

Competitive Landscape – Cross Comparison of Major Players

Company Profiles

Case study & Analyst Recommendations

Research Methodology

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