India POS Scan and Go Market will be Driven by Growing Need to Reduce the Payment Waiting Time, Rising Footfalls in Modern Retail Outlets and Surge in Smartphone Users in India: Ken Research


Over the past few years, the number of online shoppers has increased in India, thus driving the Scan and Go Market.

The report titled, “India PoS Scan and Go Market Outlook to 2030 – Customer Journey and Business Side Penetration and Operational Business Model by Ken Research believe that the increase in modern organized retail and grocery stores will drive growth in India Scan and Go market in the future. The market is further expected to be driven by increase in the number of cashless transactions and increase in the number of online shoppers.

The shopping experience in India has evolved from manual billing to digital billing over time, in which the user receives a printed invoice. Now days, the companies are moving a step ahead to provide digital invoice. A very recent development in the Indian market has been the introduction of a self-checkout mechanism where the customer has an app on their phone and they can use the app to scan the QR codes of the products they want to purchase, pay through the app and leave the store. This is the PoS Scan and Go model.

A common problem faced by modern grocery stores, especially by the large format retail outlets/modern retail outlets, is queuing up of customers. Due to longer queues, many customers tend to leave with empty carts and do not purchase anything or may not even enter that particular store again. Self-checkout is rapidly attracting customer attention and is quickly becoming a trusted method of checkouts internationally; how-ever it is yet to become popular in a developing country such as India. So far, very few grocery stores (such as Big Bazaar and HyperCity) in India have released their own self-checkout technology.The technology provides enriched shopping experience along with efficient solutions for simplifying store processes.

In 2017, Indians downloaded 12.1 billion apps on their phones and tablets, which have almost tripled during the period 2015-2017. It has been estimated that an Indian on an average spend close to 3 hours using mobile application on a daily basis.

In the current scenario, the PoS Scan and Go market is in its infancy stage. There have been very minimal developments in the market in terms of companies entering or end users. Most of the companies are in Pilot stage and are testing out their apps.

The usage of the self-checkout app would be in the case of products which are need-based and reasonably priced.

There have been very minimal developments in the market in terms of companies entering or end users. Most of the companies are in Pilot stage and are testing out their apps. While there have been many PoS Scan and Go applications released in countries abroad, most of these have been brand-specific. The apps can be used for 1 particular brand only but across all their stores.

People have started accepting cashless online transactions and are willing to perform more online payments and increasing awareness among the consumers regarding Scan and Go technology is further incentivizing the retailers to adopt this technology.

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Key Target Audience:-

PoS companies

Scan and Go Technology Companies

Retail Sectors

Restaurants, Cafes and QSR

Bookstore and Stationary Stores

Electronic Stores

Drugstores and Pharmacies

Airports (Food courts and Duty Free shops)

Entertainment Centers


Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Current Year: 2017

Forecast Period: 2018-2030E

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Perpule 1Pay




Infinia Retail

SIGNCATCH and Axis Bank (Partnership)

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