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How India PVC Solvent Market is Positioned?

The PVC solvent cement market in India is currently in its early growth stage. The market evolved from core solvent cement manufacturers such as HP International, Weld-on (Astral Poly Technik), Neoseal to plastic pipe manufacturers (Jain Irrigation, Finolex Pipes, Ashirvaad Pipes etc.) which also started manufacturing solvent cement as part of their product portfolio to capture further share in the plastic piping market segment and act as one stop solution for all piping needs for their customers. Though the market is dominated by organized players, the number of solvent cement manufacturers in unorganized segment is very large and they cater to requirements of small time contractors, plumbers who are looking at low cost products.

PVC Solvent Cement market in India has grown from INR ~crore in FY’2013 to INR ~crore in FY’2018 at a CAGR of ~%. This growth was driven mainly by the rising demand for PVC plastic pipe and fittings in India. Increase in demand from the agricultural sector for irrigation purposes has been the major source of demand for PVC pipes and PVC solvent cement. As Government of India (GoI) is emphasizing on increasing the net irrigated land in India with several micro irrigation projects, the demand for PVC pipes and solvent cement is bound to increase. The market revenue also increased with added competition from increasing number of companies which entered the market in the recent years with new product variants.

India PVC Solvent Cement Market Segmentation

By Product Type

This segmentation focuses on share of market on the basis of revenue by type of solvent cement in demand. As of FY’2018, the PVC solvent cement had captured the majority of the market share of about ~% owing to PVC pipes being majorly used in the water supply and drainage & sewage in India and generally the diameter of these pipes are large which tends to increase the amount of solvent cement being used in these application.

By Market Structure

Organised Market accounted for about ~% of the overall market revenue mainly because they have a strong hold in the market owing to their brand value, consistent product quality, and wider distribution base. They are able to attract industrial customers as they are regarded as experts in this field and are able to help the industrial buyers in choosing the correct product for their applications. The construction sector constituted for about ~% of the demand and used vehicles meant for transportation of employees.

By Regions

India PVC solvent cement is divided into 2 regions namely urban areas and rural areas. In FY’2018, urban region accounted for about ~% in terms of revenue due to higher population as compared to rural regions, owing to increased migration and employment opportunities. Rural region is more inclined towards irrigation and other forms of agriculture which results in higher installation base for PVC pipe and fittings as these pipes are used for water supply, drainage and sewage applications.

Competitive Landscape

The competition in India solvent cement market has grown over the years, with new companies entering the market. There are large numbers of companies operating in this segment. Companies in this market are competing on the basis of product variants, product quality, certifications and distribution network. Organized sector dominated the market due to consistency in product quality and wider distribution network. Companies in the organized sector also allocate time and resources to build their dealer networks to expand the reach of their products. This is done through promotion, marketing and recommendation based strategies with end user entities such as plumbers, architects, consultants (in agriculture and real estate) and contractors. The major players in the organized PVC solvent cement in India include HP International, Astral Poly Technik Limited (Weld-on and Solvobond), Neoseal, Finolex Industries Limited, Supreme Industries Limited, Ashirvad Pipes Private Limited and Jain Irrigation Systems Limited.

PVC Solvent Cement Market Future Outlook and Projections

India PVC solvent cement market is projected to increase from INR~ crore in FY’2018 to INR ~ crore in FY’2023 at a CAGR of ~% during the forecasted period. Major growth drivers during this later period will be increased sanitation facilities across Tier 2 cities and semi-urban areas. This will be due to increasing population and personal disposable incomes which will augment the growth of number of housing and residential units.  The PVC solvent cement segment will see an increase in their share of fleet over the forecasted period, FY’2018-FY’2023 from ~% to ~% owing to government focusing heavily on investment in farm activities, it is very likely that irrigation network for agricultural lands increases all across the country. Since these systems mainly use PVC pipes and fittings, demand for PVC solvent cement will grow. RERA is likely to affect the market through its impact on the real estate market in India. Construction of real estate units may slow down due to RERA.

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