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Quick Commerce delivers the convenience of reckless possible doorstep delivery of groceries and several other consumables. There has been witnessed a significant augment in the Top-up and Unplanned purchases, specifically in Metro and Tier I cities which is simplifying the growth of the quick commerce industry across India. The Quick Commerce Industry is presently positioned in the Early Growing Stage and is projected to demonstrate a CAGR close to 27% between FY’22 and FY’27F. The effective growth in Willingness of the consumers to pay premium for quick deliveries, transforming shopping habits towards more frequent unplanned & top-up buys has led to the growth of the quick commerce market across India.

Report Analysis and Competitive Landscape

According to the report analysis, ‘India Quick Commerce Market Outlook to FY’27F – Driven by Increasing demand for Faster Delivery & Convenience and Shifting Customer behavior towards Unplanned Purchasesstates that the industry is presently concentrated with existence of 7-8 players functioning in the Quick Commerce industry in India. Fast Delivery, Price, Discounts & Offers, extensive product assortment and availability & Ease of Payment are the foremost factors that effect the buying decision of the consumer. The foremost players involve Swiggy Instamart, Blinkit and Zepto, together underwriting more than 80% to the market. Companies with the Large Product Assortment & Fastest Delivery are recognised as clear leaders in the industry.

Market Segmentation

By Product Category:

Staples underwrites the most in terms of revenue presently as it has relatively greater GMV than other categories and is projected to be the greatest underwriting category, followed by Fruits and Vegetables by the year FY’27.

Beauty & Personal care underwrite the least because customer still denote to order the products from established players only rather than choosing to quick- commerce companies.

India Quick Commerce Market

By Region:

Major Quick Commerce Companies enlarges to Metro & Tier I cities commonly as these cities have greater Internet Penetration, Working Population and Technology Awareness as associated to Tier II and below cities.

In Tier I cities, Individuals are much more tech advanced and have become habitual of buying groceries and several other consumables online.

Awareness will take time in Tier II cities and almost all the foremost players have begun or are planning to enlarge to Tier II cities, hence, it is projected that in future, by FY’27, Tier II and below will have a proficient market capture, whereas, metro & Tier I cities is still projected to lead and underwrite highest share across the market by FY’27.

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By Gender of the Consumer:

It is witnessed that Females presently contribute more in terms of number of orders to the Quick Commerce Industry in India. This can be assisted by the fact that, in India, conventionally, females are more prone towards looking for groceries and several other consumables to buy for the house.

By Delivery Time:

Quick commerce market has all been about luxury of time, delight of delivering speedily at your particular address.

The industry is still in early increasing stage and hence, companies are still inventing manners, how to make this quick delivery model a stable one. Companies are opening dark stores utilizing several geographical mappings the technologies and it is the consequence of these dark stores that they have been able to deliver nearly 60% of all the orders within 40 mins.

Future Outlook

The demand for the India Quick Commerce Market is projected to enlarge with at a double digit of CAGR on the basis of GMV between FY’22P and FY’27F. Automation in the Dark Stores, Drone Technology, Voice Ordering, and Use of Electric Vehicles for Delivery is projected to drive the Quick Commerce Market in future. Demand Prediction and Customer Behaviour Analysis is crucial to confirm the sufficient availability of the groceries and to guarantee minimum degradation and stock-outs of these products.

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India Quick Commerce Market Research Report

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