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How India Water Purifier Market Is Is Positioned?

Overview: India Water Purifier Market comprises of both organized and unorganized players. The unorganized players contributes majority of the share in the volume whereas organized players contributes for majority of the revenues. Currently the penetration for water purifier is quite low in India especially in the rural areas. Consumers consider it as a luxury product rather than a necessity product. However, the perception has started to change in the recent years due to the marketing initiative of the companies. Water quality is deteriorating in many places due to which the consumers over there are adapting to the usage of water purifiers. The companies are focusing on the technological developments in order to increase their market presence.

Market: The water purifier market witnessed a growth of CAGR ~% during FY’2014-FY’2020 in terms of volume. The revenue CAGR during the period was ~%. The market is witnessing strong growth. New companies entered in the market which brought down the average selling prices however the decline stagnated later. This will help the organized players in competing with the unorganized players. The players are focusing on increasing their retail presence and service partners for increasing their reach and after sales service. The unorganized players compete on the basis low prices and low AMCs for maintain their position in the market.

India Water Purifier Market Segmentation

By Market Structure: The water purifier market in India is dominated by organized market in terms of revenue. However in terms of volume the unorganized market has more revenues.

By Sales Channel: The major sales channels used in market are Offline Retail Channel, Direct Sales Channel and Online Channel. Offline retail channel contributed majority of the revenues.

By Technology: RO Water Purifiers contributed the most of the revenues in the market followed by UV Water Purifiers and Gravity Water Purifiers respectively.  Gravity was leader in terms of Volume Sales.

By End Users: Residential users contributed the majority of the revenues in the market.


By Region:  West was the biggest market. It is followed by North, South and East regions.

What are the Major Issues and Challenges in the Water Purifier Market in India?

Low Awareness: Consumers mostly consider water purifiers as a luxury product rather than a necessity product as they are not aware about the different type of diseases caused by drinking poor quality water.

Preference of Alternatives: A large part of population still uses traditional method such as filtering with cloth and boiling for purifying water. Another major portion of population relies on Bottled Water Jars for their drinking water needs.

High Maintenance Charges: Consumers feel that the company charges extra premium from them on service of water purifiers. Therefore the customers do not follow the scheduled service periods or uses local service providers.

Lack of Proper Distribution Channel: Water purifiers have low penetration especially in the rural areas. There is lack of retail outlets in the rural areas. These areas also do not get proper after sales service. This has motivated the customers.

What are the Major Government Rules and Regulations?

The Bureau of Standards India has issued IS 10500:2012 which specifies the norms to be followed for drinking water in India. It mentions the permissible residual limit and other quality norms.

The Bureau has also issued IS 16240: 2015 for Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers, IS 14724: 1999 for Ultra Violet Disinfection Water Purifiers and IS 7402:2011 for Ceramic Candle specifications.

In 2019, the National Green Tribunal ordered the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to ban usage of RO water purifiers in areas having TDS level below 500 milligrams per liter.

Competitive Scenario in the India Water Purifier Market

The competition in the India water purifier market is slightly concentrated as the top three players holds ~% market on the basis of retail revenues as of FY’2019. The unorganized market had a retail revenue contribution of ~% in the year. The companies compete on the parameters such as Brand Image, Price, Serviceability, AMCs, Technological Advancements and others. The Major players present in the market are Eureka Forbes Ltd, Kent RO Systems Ltd, Livpure (Hindustan Unilever) and others.

India Water Purifier Market Future Outlook and Projections

The water purifier market of India is expected to witness decent double digit growth in terms of volume in the future period. The revenue growth will decline a little. This will happen as the organized companies will focus more on profitability. The unorganized market will focus on competing on low prices, low AMCs and personalized services.  The major penetration will happen in rural areas. As these areas are electrified and their income level is increasing, the consumers from here will facilitate the next wave of demand. The companies need to strengthen their retail presence and service centers in these areas in order to encash this opportunity. The market is expected to witness a CAGR of ~% during FY’2020-FY’2025F in terms of revenue and ~% in terms of volume.

Key Segments Covered:-

By Market Structure



By Sales Channel

Offline Retail

Direct Sales


By Technology

RO Water Purifier

UV Water Purifier

Gravity Water Purifier

By End Users




By Region





Companies Covered:-

Eureka Forbes Ltd

Kent RO Systems




LG Electronics

Tata Swach

Key Target Audience:-

Water Purifier Manufacturers

Consumer Appliance Companies

Water Purifier OEMs/Assemblers

Water Purifier Importers/Exporters

Modern Trade Chains

Consultancy Companies

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period – FY’2014FY’-2020

Forecast Period –FY’2021F-FY’2025F

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