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Many cosmetic formulas are manufactured to protect against UV light using cosmetic UV absorbers to reduce the amount of light absorbed by chromophores in a human body. High quality UV absorbers are incorporated into cosmetic and personal care formulations and are used to improve light stability of alcoholic fragrances, gels, colors, nail enamels and liquid detergents. Consumers’ increasing awareness of the damaging effects of UV radiation to human skin has triggered the cosmetics market to introduce cosmetic infused with UV absorbers. UV absorbers are oil-soluble filters used in beach products and skin care products that exhibit inherent photo stability and strong broad-spectrum UV-A+B absorbance. Within the micronized organic UV absorbers, UV-B filter tris biphenyl triazine (TBPT) exhibits the highest efficacy of all the cosmetic UV absorbers. Due to high costs, TBPT technology is not used in the manufacture of commercial cosmetics products so far.

Cosmetic UV absorbers are fused into various cosmetics and personal care products because they offer proper shield from UV light. These absorbers are popularly known as UV screeners that can be used as solar control glazing films, photographic products, sunglasses, interocular lenses, product packaging, and cosmetic sunscreens. These products enhance the rate of light constancy of gels, colors, nail enamels, alcoholic aromas, and liquid detergents. The increasing customer demands, product improvements, developing economies, enhanced standard of living, rise in the disposable income, rising preferences among the consumers, rise in the innovations, changing lifestyles, and augmented investments by the leading investments are the major factors affecting the cosmetic UV absorbers market in Asia.

According to the study “Asia Cosmetic UV absorbers Industry Situation and Prospects Research report”, various product types in Asia’s cosmetic UV absorbers market are UVB protection, UVA protection, UVA+UVB protection, and others. Cosmetic UV absorbers are used in manufacture of various products such as skin care, sun care, colour cosmetics, and others. Geographically, Asia’s cosmetic UV absorbers market is spread across China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and other regions. The leading players in Asia’s cosmetic UV absorbers market are Croda International, Ashland, BASF, 6V Sigma, Uniproma, Lycus Ltd, Everlight Chemical, and Labeyond Chemical.

Majority of the manufacturers are involved in partnerships, acquisitions, and joint ventures that are ultimately contributing to the inorganic growth of the cosmetic UV absorbers industry. Asia accounts for a largest share in the cosmetic UV absorbers market due to enhanced standard of living, augmented demands from the population, increasing beauty interests and preferences among the masses. The increasing applications and consumption of cosmetic UV absorbers has driven the market towards expansion in various sectors attracting huge recognition.

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