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Automotive foam is a growing market owing to increasing demand for vehicles and the evolution of the technology used in the design and application of the foam material. Automotive foam is essentially a polymer formed through combination of solid and gaseous phase materials immersed through air bubbles or air tunnels which decides its cell structure, whether open or closed. Open cell foams are used when there is a need for flexibility and closed cell foams are used for when there is a need for rigidity. The gas involved in the making of the automotive foam can be either chemical or physical in nature and is termed as the blowing agent. Physical blowing agents are not involved in the chemical reaction while chemical blowing agents react to release chemicals for the formation of the foam. Polymer foams can be produced through extrusion, slab-stock, pouring and different types of moulding. There are various types of polymer foams including polyurethane, biodegradable foams, starch foams and many others. Polymer foams have several application areas including but not limited to -automotive, packaging, building & construction, furniture & bedding and many others. The primary methods of manufacturing automotive foams are moulding and slab stock.

The report Asia Automotive Foam Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report focuses on the Automotive foam market growing in the Asia Pacific region. The report segments the market on the basis of product type between Polyurethane, Polyolefin, Styrenic, Polyvinyl Chloride, Phenolic, Melamine and also segments the market based on application areas between Calendering Process Resin, Seating, Door Panels, Headliners, Water Shields, Others. The competition scenario is diverse with many countries having their own domestic manufacturers for automotive foam aiming to enter foreign markets. The countries taken into focus for this are China, India, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia and others. The major players of the industry include Woodbridge Foam Corp, Dow Chemical Co, Adient Plc, Recticel, Caligen Foam, Saint-Gobain SA, BASF SE, Lear Corp, Zotefoams Plc, Bridgestone Corp

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