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According to the study “Europe P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHB) Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report”, the various product types of P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde are divided into <98%, 98-99%, 99-99.5%, 99.5-99.8% and >99.8%. P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde is utilized in medicine, spices and other industries. Geographically, P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHB) in Europe market is spread across Germany, Russia, UK, France, Italy and other regions. The leading players in P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHB) market are Uma Brothers, Kessler Chemical (CA), Penta Manufacturing Company(US), Simagchem Corporation(CN), Sigma-Aldrich(US), Dow(US), TCI(JP), JUNSEI(JP), INTATRADE GmbH(DE), Pure chemsitry(US), Beckmann-Kenko GmbH(DE), BOC Sciences(US), HBCChem(US), Masuda Chemical Industries(JP), Alfa Chemistry(US), Apollo Scientific(UK), Toronto(CA), Anisyn(US), Extrasynthese(FR), Avonchem(UK) and Bharavi Laboratories(IN).

Hydroxybenzaldehyde comprises of three kinds of isomers such as o-hydroxybenzaldehyde, m-hydroxybenzaldehyde and p-hydroxybenzaldehyde. P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHB) is also known as phenol formaldehyde and when precipitated through water, it is white to pale yellow needles structure. It has aromatic odour and at atmospheric pressure, it can be sublimated without decomposition. Its molecular weight is 122.12, melting point is at 115~116 °C, and relative density is 1.129 at 130°C. It is slightly soluble in water and benzene, easily soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone, and ethyl acetate with water solubility at 30.5 °C being 1.38 and benzene solubility in 65 °C being 3.68. Various raw materials used in the production of industrial P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde are phenol, cresol and p-nitrotoluene.

P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde is an important intermediate in pharmaceuticals, perfumes, and liquid crystals. It can generate anisaldehyde when having reaction with dimethyl sulfate, and can generate hydroxy cinnamic aldehyde upon its reaction with acetaldehyde which can further undergo oxidation to obtain cinnamic acid. Oxidized P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde in its reduced form is used as spices, pharmaceutical intermediates, raw material of liquid crystal, and other kinds of organic synthesis intermediates with a wide range of applications. P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde is easily to be sublimated, easily soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone and ethyl acetate, however, it is slightly soluble in water and dissolves in benzene at specific conditions. P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde is used for the synthesis of organic compounds, medicines, production of TMP (trimethoprim), amoxicillin, cefadroxil cephalosporins, artificial gastrodin, farrerol, bezafibrate, esmolol, perfume anisaldehyde, vanillin, ethyl vanillin, pesticides, raspberry ketone for synthesizing polymers and producing pharmaceutical raw materials.

Europe’s P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde market is targeted by medical sector, spice sector producers, traders, distributors, associations, government bodies, various industries, plastic manufacturers and research institutes for various other reasons. Evolution in industrialization and medical sciences are the major factors affecting the growth of P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde market in Europe. Increasing use of P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde in Europe’s medical sciences will surely drive the P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde market in Europe over the next few years.

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