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According to the study “Vending in Israel”, the leading dairy companies Tnuva and Tara in Israel launched dairy vending machines that deliver various dairy products which are embedded with advanced technology. The automated machine enables consumers to purchase milk, yoghurt and other dairy essentials in convenient locations all over Israel. Consumers can also purchase milk on their way home from work at train stations, at highly populated residential areas and business areas.

An automated machine that provides items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes, lottery tickets, chewing gum, birth control, condom vending, bulk candy, gumballs, dairy products, newspaper, stamps, soap products and tickets to consumers is known as a vending machine. There are few specialized vending machines are for automobile, bait, book, French fries, pizza, life insurance, marijuana and social networked vending machines. Specialized vending machines provide less common products compared to traditional vending machine items and is a innovative piece.

Operation cost of the vending machines in Israel is very huge and the cost of commodities utilizing the vending machines is highly affected. The establishment of vending machines predicts its success with the rate of utilization. All the major brands that have widespread coverage are located in areas with high foot traffic that perform better than vending machines in Israel’s less densely populated areas. Mashkar is the leading player in Israel’s vending machines and has various machines positioned in prime locations. More vending machines are expected to be installed all over Israel over the next few years. Majority of the vending machines in Israel dispense hot drinks, packaged drinks, packaged foods, dairy products, tobacco, personal hygiene products, traditional toys and games.

A joint effort was pursued between the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality’s Community and Sports Department where the Health Ministry in Israel aims to encourage students to eat healthier. Therefore, vending machines were installed to provide fresh fruit in several schools across Tel Aviv. Fruit vending machines have promoted healthy eating among students. This trend has encouraged the government to establish fruit vending machines in community recreational centres, where children spend their time. Israel education ministry has issued a directive to day care centres and schools to ban selling and serving of unhealthy food on their premises. Such reforms within the country will surely boost the vending machines market over the next few years.

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