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What is the Potential of Oman Fitness Services Market?

The Oman Fitness Services Market has shown tremendous growth in value and number of fitness service centers. The increase in demand for weight management services, mushrooming female exclusive fitness clubs which operate under Oman’s strict compliance have also gained popularity over the past few years. Moreover, competitive pricing of membership rates, rising awareness of appearances among individuals, growth in the presence of certified personal trainers, and the ability of fitness centers to use capital to scale up and diversify have facilitated the market as a whole.

Rising population of youth in the country has been complimenting the size of this industry coupled with increasing lifestyle diseases such as heart problems, asthma, and diabetes in the overall population, there has been a significant shift of people preference towards fitness centres in the country. Additionally, there has been an increase in women enrollment with changes in lifestyle of people. Women can attend fitness centres where they are trained by women trainers; also, there has been expansion and entry of new entrants in the industry.

While consumers’ desires for fitness services persist to grow in Oman, increasing household consumption expenditure and increasing awareness have also assisted the growth of fitness service industry in the country to a great extent.

Oman Fitness Services Market

What are the major revenue Streams in Oman Fitness Services Market?

The revenue stream of Oman Fitness Services market has been majorly divided into gyms membership, and personal training which account for ~% and ~% respectively

Demand of qualified professional trainers has been a major reason behind the revenue generated by personal training segment. Customers tend to opt for gym that have qualified personal trainers and can guide and train during the gym sessions. The total number of personal trainers in organized fitness centers of Oman has been around ~ in the year 2017. Also, as an average every unorganized fitness centre in Oman has 3 personal trainers.

On the contrary, gym membership accounts for ~% of share in the total Oman Fitness Services market. Numerous new gyms have been sprouting in various regions of Oman. The growth of population, increasing lifestyle diseases, increasing obesity rate, along with increasing awareness among people to have active lifestyle have brought about a positive change in the mentality of people towards fitness.

The fitness centres have also attracted customers with additional services such as spa, salon, swimming and others that do not need personal trainer services, hence resulting into increase revenue share of membership as compared to personal training services.

What is the Current Position of ORGANIZED SECTOR of the Industry?

The market is majorly divided into organized and unorganized sector, where organized sector accounts for ~% of total market revenue in 2017 dominated by fitness service providers which have more than one fitness center in Oman operating under one brand name or having a membership of more than 1,000 members or charges a premium price of OMR 195 or more for 1 year membership package for its services across Oman. On the contrary unorganized market shares ~% in the total Fitness Services market revenue in 2017, containing fitness service providers which have only one fitness center in Oman operating under one brand name or having a membership of less than 1,000 members or charges a price of less than OMR 195 for 1 year membership package for its services across Oman.

The major factor for the growth of Oman Organized Fitness Service Market is the demand of personal trainers. Additionally, organized players provide different types of integrated services under the same roof (such as Resistance training, Aerobics, Zumba, and others) that has also contributed to the growth of organized centers in the country.

While choosing the fitness centers, majority of the customers in Oman consider the various services provided and the prices charged. Organized sector is generally preferred by people due to the vast variety of services provided at competitive prices. Generally unorganized centers fail to provide such vast portfolio of services to its clients. For almost every 2 organized sector client there is one unorganized sector client.

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Oman Organized Fitness Services Providers: Flex Fitness, Horizon Fitness, JN Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Elite Gym, Premedion Premium Club, The Wellness Center, Fitness Lounge, Knock Out  Gym, Fit Body, UFC Gym

Women’s Gym Jasmine for Her, VivaFit, Sky Gym, Curves

Oman Unorganized Fitness Services Providers: Blue Dragon (Men Only Club), Marinas Fitness Center, Go Fit Gym, Champions  Gym, Ruwi  Gym, Yanqul  Gym, Extreme Fitness (Men Only), Blue City Gym (Men Only), Al Piroh Gym (Men Only), Oasis Health Club, Legend Crew Studio, Al Mardaf (Ladies club), Alpha Lounge, Wijdan Fitness, WeSee Fitness

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