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How Jordan Plastic Pipes and Fitting Market is Positioned?

The Jordan Plastic Pipe and Fittings Market grew from USD ~ million in 2012 to USD ~ million in 2017 at a CAGR of ~% from 2012-2017. High strength, light weight, simple installation and cost effectiveness make plastic pipe a popular substitute to iron and steel pipes in water supply and sewage applications. Usage of plastic pipes in plumbing applications for residential and commercial real estate construction has also witnessed growth in the past few years. Around ~% of the country’s ~ million population resides in major cities like Amman, Irbid and Zarqa. Owing to larger population concentration, majority of the demand from these cities comes from water supply, sewage and plumbing applications. From Jordan Valley, Wadi Arab, North East, Middle and South Ghor Region the demand for pipes is majorly for applications in agriculture and irrigation.

The construction industry in Jordan grew from USD ~ Million in 2012 to USD ~ Million in 2017. The market size for manufacturing sector was USD ~ Million in 2017 as compared to USD ~ million in 2012

The elaborate plans like the “Jordan Economic Growth Plan 2018-2022” and the “National Water Strategy 2016-2025” are aimed at improving the overall economy through infrastructural development, water resource management, reduction of public debt and the water deficit in the country.

These policies are expected to directly and indirectly develop various industries in the country, which will also support growth in the plastic pipes and fittings market in Jordan.

Jordan Plastic Pipe and Fittings Market Segmentation

By Type of Plastic Pipe

The plastic pipes and fittings market in Jordan is dominated by the uPVC pipes. uPVC pipes constituted ~% of the total revenue of the plastic pipes and fittings market in the country. The demand for uPVC pipes is high owing to the vast application in irrigation, water supply, sewage and plumbing applications

By End User Applications

The country is classified as a semi-arid to arid region. This presents a huge challenge of addressing the water demand for drinking water needs, industrial and irrigation water requirements. Owing to this the demand from water supply and sewage application is highest in the country. In 2017, use of plastic pipes for water supply and sewage applications generated around ~% of the total revenue of the plastic pipe and fittings market in Jordan. The government has implemented several policies like “Jordan Water Strategy and Policies-1998” and “Water for Life: Jordan’s Water Strategy 2008–2022” which have resulted in efficiency improvements of the water supply and sewage infrastructure in the country.

By Market Structure

Organized players are defined as players which manufacture plastic pipes and fittings in the country. A number of these players also export their products to other countries. Organized players in the market include companies like World Plastics, Farhat Plastics, Fidaa Group, Jamco Group and other players

By Domestic Manufacturing and Imports

The manufacturers in the country primarily manufacture plastic pipes and fittings to meet the domestic demand. In 2017, ~% of the revenue of the total plastic pipe & fittings market in Jordan was generated by domestically manufactured products. These manufacturers consist of organized companies that manufacture products with a wide range spectrum, as well as small and unorganized manufacturers that have small production capacity and manufacture only a limited range of products; like uPVC or PVC pipes for irrigation or water supply applications. Most of the manufacturers in Jordan source their raw materials from Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.

Competative Landscape in Jordan Plastic Pipe and Fittings Market

The market for plastic pipes and fittings in Jordan is largely concentrated with ~% of the market share with the top ~ players. The overall plastic pipes and fittings industry in Jordan has around ~ manufacturers in total. Apart from these manufacturers the market also has some importers and traders. Organized players manufacture a range of products in contrast to the unorganized manufacturers or importers which only have one or two types of pipes and fittings often made or imported for specific applications. The major competition parameters are price of the product, quality of the product, on demand availability, manufacturing standards and product customization.

Jordan Plastic Pipe and Fittings Market Future Outlook and Projections

The revenue from the plastic pipes and fittings market in Jordan is estimated to grow at a CAGR of ~% during 2018-2022. The revenue of the market is estimated to grow from USD ~ million in 2018 to USD ~ million in 2022. The primary demand is likely to come from major cities like Amman, Irbid and Zarqa owing to the concentration of population. Regions like Al-Mafraq, Karak, Balqa and Aqaba will also witness surge in demand with the growth of various sectors like construction, manufacturing and agriculture in these regions.

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