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A pheochromocytoma is usually a noncancerous tumor which is very much rare and develops in and adrenal gland. Adrenal gland make hormones that control metabolism, blood pressure, and other functions. It occurs most often during young-adult to mid-adult life. Moreover, few pheochromocytoma tumors spread to other organs which can be dangerous and should be treated right away. A pheochromocytoma also liberate hormones which are made by adrenal gland and does so at much excessive levels than normal. High blood pressure may be the only symptom of pheochromocytoma but in many cases of different people it has been observed that there are few more symptoms such as dizziness when standing, severe headache, unusual sweating, stomachache, side or pack pain and others. With the time if the treatment of pheochromocytoma will be not done then it will result in severe or life-threatening damage to other body systems, majorly the cardiovascular system. Additionally, there are some less common symptoms which are also observed in the patient of pheochromocytoma which includes anxiety or sense of doom, constipation, weight loss and others.

According to the report analysis, ‘Pheochromocytoma Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2018’ suggests that some of the major companies and healthcare organizations are currently working for the better treatment of pheochromocytoma includes Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc, Pfizer Inc, Ono Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., Insights Pharmaceuticals Inc., Exelixis Inc, Endo International Plc., Eisai Co Ltd., Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., AstraZeneca pla., AbbVie Inc., Daiichi Sankyo Company , Ltd., Bayer AG, GE Healthcare, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Vanderbilt Medical center Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, European Organization for Research and Treatment of cancer, Mayo Clinic, Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, Abbott Laboratries, National Cancer Center, and others across the globe. Additionally, with more development and research in this disease of pheochromocytoma many organizations are working very industriously for helping the patients for getting rid of this disease.

Pheochromocytoma can cause unwillingness arterial hypertension which will be well controlled with standard blood pressure medications. Although the problem of blood pressure all the time is a primary sign of a pheochromocytoma. Whereas, researchers don’t know what the causes of pheochromocytoma are but it is observed that about 30%, however, seem to run in families. The tumors which are more common in people with inherited condition includes multiple endocrine neoplasia, type 2, von hippel-lindau disease, hereditary paraganglioma syndrome, neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1). The first choice for the therapy of the tumor is surgical resection but before this some test are necessary. Whereas, there are so many organizations and key players are doing new innovations for the better treatment of pheochromocytoma and also sharing the relevant information about the cure which are helping to the patients of the pheochromocytoma.

Geographically, it is expected that the treatment market of the pheochromocytoma is spread across the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and North America. Moreover, it is observed that in certain cases the tumor can be completely removed through surgery if the cure will be taken on time for the pheochromocytoma. With the inauguration of new healthcare centers and innovations in the technology for the cure and help to the victims in living peaceful life, the future of this clinical trials is expected to be bright in the coming years.

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