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According to the report analysis, ‘Kenya: Country Intelligence Report’ states that some of the major companies which are currently functioning in this sector more significantly for acquiring the huge market share by dominating the demand of the potential users such as Safaricom, Telkom Kenya, Airtel Kenya, Lycamobile Kenya, Homeland Media and several others. Whereas, in 2018 the Safaricom will hold a majority 67.8% share of the while mobile subscriptions which led by the enlargement of the 4G/LTE network and 4G+/LTE-A network vis carrier aggregation. Moreover, report stated the expectation of rising competition to intensify further as all the operators are aiming on LTE expansion with a focus on mobile data services.

The telecommunication sector frequently effect the GDP of the respective economy and recent and advanced developments in this sector totally transform the look and infrastructure of the region more significantly. Whereas, in Kenya the telecom service revenue growth in Kenya over 2018-2023 will be operated by mobile data and fixed broadband sectors.  Not only has this, the key players of this region in this sector is playing a significant role by serving effective plans for the voice calling and usage of internet. In addition, the mobile voice will remain the highest revenue contributor till 2020, while the mobile data revenue will take over from 2021 operated by rising number of active mobile data users and rising consumer requirement for data-heavy mobile services such as OTT and social media. The government of this sector is also playing an effective role by doing potential investment in the research and development programs related to this. Furthermore, the government will focus on improvement of national fiber backbone while mobile operators will focus on serving data centric facilities and LTE network expansions. With the effective working of the key players and the government the sector of telecommunication in the country will grow more significantly in the coming years with the adoption of new facilities and offers by the users.

The key players of this market in Kenya is leading the effective growth more actively with the efficient working in the expansion of networks while, many of the key players are benefitted with the mergers and acquisition which further advantageous for acquiring the huge market share. Whereas, the overall telecom service revenue in Kenya will rise at a CAGR of 7% during 2018-2023 mobile revenue will register for 91.7% of the total telecom revenue in 2023, operated by rising adoption of mobile broadband and 4G facilities. Moreover, the 4G subscription will rise at the highest rate during 2018-202, led by ongoing 4G network enlargements by MNOs like Telkom Kenya.

The active working of the key players and government results the competitive nature in the market, the investor are effectively invested in the market for the significant benefits of the market in the Kenya. Therefore, it is expected that the telecommunication market of Kenya will grow more actively in the coming years over the decades with the effective investment of the new entrants.

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