Malaysia Mattress Market Driven by Growing Demand for Premium Quality Mattress and Rising Trend of Hospitality: Ken Research


Through the report titled Malaysia Mattress Market Outlook for 2022 – By Mattress (Spring, Foam, Pocket Spring, Latex, and Fibre Mattress); By Residential and Institutional Users; By Size (King, Queen, Single Bed, and Custom), Ken Research suggested a growth at a noteworthy CAGR of 10.9% in terms of revenue in Malaysia Mattress Market in the upcoming years till the year ending 2022E.

Over the past few years, mattresses demand from residential and non-residential industry have successfully driven the market growth; This demand was majorly from residential sector which is due to continuous increase in disposable and consumer expenditure in the country. Rising number of non-residential projects, along with increasing demand for premium quality mattresses with improved marketing strategies of manufacturers have also augmented the growth of the Malaysia Mattress Market in recent past.

Demand Driven from Residential Sectors: Malaysia Mattress Market demand has been majorly from residential sectors. Increasing income level along with demand for better and luxury goods along with higher expenditure capacity of the population has been major driving factors for the growth in the demand of mattresses from residential sector, whereas increasing number of commercial projects along with increasing hotels, and hospitals have resulted into growing demand from non-residential sector.

Increasing Demand for Premium Priced Mattress: Owing to the increasing demand for both premium-priced and economy mattresses, manufacturers and distributors of mattresses are intensifying their marketing efforts and expanding their product ranges by designing more premium-priced and economically-priced offerings. Improving standard of living, increasing disposable income, growing modernization and urbanization have stimulated the demand for premium quality mattresses.

Manufacturers are gradually releasing more premium mattresses, as consumers become more aware of the long-term benefits of investing in better quality products

Rising awareness about the benefits of using latex mattresses over other types of mattresses in terms of higher durability, softness, better water, dust, and mite resistance and others has led to shift in customers’ preferences.

Product Based Marketing Approach: Mattress manufacturers in Malaysia have adopted product based marketing. Their promotion of mattresses has been focused on functionality by emphasizing on the benefits attributed with the use of mattresses offered by them. Manufacturers are focusing the promotion of healthy sleep which their mattress would provide to its user, rather than promoting the product on the basis of size, type, or price. The mattress companies started promoting importance of a good mattress in enhancing healthy sleep by maintaining spinal alignment, reducing surface pressure, regulating body temperature, and resisting allergens. Moreover, aggressive marketing by mattress companies through online and below the line advertising will drive the growth in the market.

In order to increase the demand for both premium-priced and economy mattresses, manufacturers and distributors of mattresses are putting efforts and widening their product ranges by designing more premium-priced and economically-priced offerings.


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