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To become successful, it is a must for any business to develop products or services that meet the needs of their customers, besides developing the most successful product, Employees are the most important investment/resource that any business makes with respect to Land, Labour, Capital & Organization Model of Business. A business will only be successful if it has the right mix of people in the right place; it starts from the word go to hiring the right people for the right job. Once this is done, then it is important that companies start investing emotionally in people through training, off-site meetings, team-building, and skill development programs. The employer needs to create a strong foundation for their people where they find the purpose to engage & work. Employees should become passionate about their purpose; there should be clarity and proper guidance. When people are emotionally connected, they would want to contribute their best. One needs to make their employees feel loved and important in the organization by taking their feedback & suggestion from time to time. All the employees should know that their employers value them as much as they value their end customers.

To promote this relationship and create value there are some tools and programs that the employer should conduct at regular intervals. One of them is, “the Employee Satisfaction Survey” (ESS) this is a very effective tool that brings clarity of purpose and maintains a positive culture in any organization. It is also important for employers to know how the employees feel about the company’s leadership and work culture or environment. The ESS can help employees realize that their feedback is important and the company values them. ESS offers a deep understanding to maintain, attract and develop skill-sets of the employees. It gives an opportunity for personal and professional growth & development of the employees, helping run an organization successfully. Hence, these surveys can help them to understand in which area the front-line workers and their supervisors need to be trained to help the company grow as every employee is important for any organization to be successful. Two-way communications always help in the growth of a company. People in a company should feel engaged and connected to one another, for that purpose employee satisfaction tool is the most effective medium.

A business succeeds only if its employees are happy and the key to keep them happy comes from the measurement of loyalty of the employees. There is a very successful method to calculate the loyalty of the employees and that is The Net Promoter Score(NPS) of a business. The Employee’s Net Promoter Score survey is a metric that is universally used to measure and understand the loyalty of Employees & their engagement with the organization. The NPS is a direct relationship with the short-medium-term intention of an employee towards work. It is a score that states an employee’s engagement level by gathering feedback on unsaid problems through engagement and lifecycle surveys. It gathers fast feedback, takes effective action, and tracks improvement over time. NPS provides an overall picture of how the employees feel working in a company and is very simple to use & implement. Hence, effective survey forms should include questions in context with the below points; like Employee engagement, Organizational culture, Work management, Performance management, Managers relationships, Growth and development opportunities, Work/life balance.

Recently, the corona virus disease pandemic has moved across the globe at a breathtaking speed. The spread of COVID 19 has impacted emotionally as well as financially, creating hard times for both, employers and employees. Resulting in this, Employee welfare and retention has become a dilemma for many business owners and executives: while everyone prefers a pleasant working environment, sometimes satisfying employee needs becomes too costly for the shareholders. So, during a pandemic, many companies got shut without hearing each other’s thoughts or pains, given such costs, it was really difficult for some owners to make employees happy. On the other hand, some companies that conducted “Employee Satisfaction Surveys” to hear and understand the ‘employees voice’ and their ‘state of mind’ or sentiments, found out solutions for both parties. As a result, employers and employees came together with a mutual understanding and conclusion that provided solutions to keep the businesses moving to sustainability.

Employee grievances can be solved by hearing the employees by conducting primary data survey process followed by one-to-one interaction depending on the person’s current state of mind. The voice of any employee being heard by the management/employer plays a very important role in shaping up the employees’ beliefs and adding potential output towards the growth and development of the organization eventually. This is a tried and tested formula and should be adopted by all the leading organizations to attain a “Sustainable Business”.

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