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Our market research subscription for corporates services includes analyst support for co-presentation, co-primaries, co-number defining, and co-analysis. We have analysts who can work as a natural extension of your team to deliver desired expectations and the final objective.

Our Market Research Subscription Model is a verified tool/service and cost-effective measure for making your requisite bit easier, productive, and most of all more successful. Subscription for corporates also offers a complete collection of over 10,000+ premium business reports, press releases, investment and economy news, 30,000+ equity and private company reports, due diligence reports collated from more than 100 well-known global publishers and sources. The subscription offer delivers access to the broadest group of applicable and credible news and business content this includes global news, company news, industry updates, country analysis, regulatory information and public records.

Ken Research provides business intelligence and operational advisory in 300+ verticals highlighting disrupting technologies, developing business models with model analysis and case studies describing success. We serve more than 70% of fortune 500 companies globally, and some of the best-consulting companies and market leaders seek our research intelligence to recognize new returns streams, customer/ vendor paradigm, pain points and the due diligence related to competition. We presently provide information/research for 300+ sectors with 150,000+ research repository across 196+ countries serving more than 1000 clients and have partnered with almost more than 25 content aggregators.

Over a network list of more than 5000 industry specialists and knowledgeable 100+ analysts, consultants and research publishers worldwide, Ken Research aids clients in identifying the demand-supply gap, niche segments and challenges in the ecosystem. We currently accommodate clients in different verticals such as education, automotive, agriculture, banking, financial services & insurance (BFSI), healthcare, consumer products, retail, and other segments

Our market research subscription service will let you provide access to a full library or industry-specific reports. This not only saves time associated with locating reports/data or information you need but also provide a detailed answer to specific conclusion sought. However, with a subscription-based service, you get full access ensuring the information meets your criteria. When focusing on a specialized vertical, it becomes vitally important that the research you acquire is as in-depth, detailed, and accurate as possible. Thus, investing in Subscription Bundled report ken research will not only give you the quantity of information that you need but will also guarantee the value and quality of specialized research that is imperative to the success of your projects.

Cost-effective solution

The cost of market research subscription services is the most cost-effective solution rather than acquiring multiple subscriptions throughout the year. Investing in service can much more budget at the beginning of the year. In addition, particularly large organizations in which budget allocation experience a long approval process, while the fixed cost of a subscription allows receiving approval ahead of time and avoids the hassle of delaying individual purchases.

Ability to download individual sections

Many a time, it is required that the information is needed for answering a query which can only be found in a particular section/paragraph of the report. At such instance, corporate subscriptions support multiple information downloads from our knowledge centers.

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