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According to the study, ‘HYPOTHYROIDISM GLOBAL CLINICAL TRIALS REVIEW, H1, 2018, the major organizations conducting clinical trials in the treatment of hypothyroidism include IBSA Institut Biochimique SA, Mylan NV, PRACS Institute, Ltd., Akrimax Pharmaceuticals LLC, Vale Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Uni-Pharma SA, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Ipe LLC, Dompe Farmaceutici SpA. Scientists from Rush University Medical Center have recently gained new knowledge on hypothyroidism. This condition affects humungous population alone in the United States. The study involved rats whose thyroid gland was removed. The study aimed at knowing why circulating different levels of T4 alone does not correct all the symptoms in all the patients. The study revealed that the patients that had received T4 alone had higher cholesterol as compared to the subjects that received combination of T4 and T3. These subjects also showed signs of hypothyroidism in brain which could one of the possible explanations of the ‘foggy brain’ symptom that is experienced by hypothyroid patients.

Hypothyroidism is a situation when the body of an individual is not able to produce adequate thyroid hormones. Thyroid is a gland that is present at the front of an individual’s neck that releases hormones which allow regulation of usage of energy. The thyroid is responsible for providing energy to all organs in a person’s body. It regulates how the heart beats or how the digestive system functions. If the thyroid does not produce adequate hormones then normal life processes begin to slow down. For nearly a century, natural thyroid preparations are used to treat hypothyroidism which contains thyroxine and triiodothyronine. The dosage of this treatment was adjusted according to the severity of the condition. The standard treatment involved using T4 supplements on a daily basis which later converted to T3 within the body. However a small percentage of population affected by this condition is not relieved of all the symptoms. The scientists suggest that this could probably be due to the subjectivity as to how people feel. Many people feel symptoms of this condition due to post menopause syndrome or clinical depression.

A new study conducted on large population by the University of Groningen in Netherland reveals that the people who consume thyroid replacement hormone, Levothyroxine may have more co morbidities and lower quality of life as compared to those who do not consume the hormone. The presence of co morbidities was witnessed to have a more negative impact on the quality of life of T4 users. Keeping in mind this research, scientists are conducting research to improve the condition of hypothyroid along with working to enhance the quality of life.

The condition of hypothyroidism is very common throughout the world without a known 100 percent successful treatment. Companies and institutions are pursuing clinical trials in order to achieve a successful treatment and gain the first mover advantage. Considering this condition is extremely common, the growth potential that lies in this industry is immense. Companies shall need to realize this potential in order to tap the untapped market.

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